Americans for Prosperity Action Congratulates Congressman Steve Chabot on Re-Election

COLUMBUS, OH—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) tonight congratulated Congressman Steve Chabot on his re-election to represent Ohio’s 1st Congressional District and applauds its grassroots activists for their tireless efforts in supporting Rep. Chabot. The grassroots focused organization endorsed Rep. Chabot in January of 2020 and supported his candidacy through a variety of tactics—including citizen-to-citizen grassroots contact, direct-mail, and digital advertisements.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Ezra Escudero issued the following statement:

“We are proud to have played a role in re-electing Congressman Steve Chabot. During his tenure, Chabot has consistently fought for solutions to the greatest challenges Ohioans face. From leading the Small Business Committee to ensure businesses, jobs, and our economy can recover stronger, to championing greater access to better health care that families can afford, Rep. Steve Chabot always has Ohio’s best interests in mind in Washington.”

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AFP Action: Iowans Believe in Policy Champion Ashley Hinson

Grassroots group congratulated Hinson, thanked activists for role in securing her election to Iowa’s first congressional district  

DES MOINES, Iowa – Americans for Prosperity Action congratulated Ashley Hinson on her election to the United State House of Representatives. The grassroots group backed Hinson because of her principled leadership on key issues including expanding access to quality and affordable health care, reigning in wasteful spending, and reforming our criminal justice system to be smart on crime and soft on taxpayers.

AFP Action activists in the state made more than 100,000 calls, sent nearly 90,000 text messages, and knocked on 15,500 doors encouraging their friends and neighbors to send Ashley Hinson to Washington.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Drew Klein issued the following statement:

“Ashley Hinson is a principled leader who will champion bottom up solutions to the toughest challenges facing our state and our nation. We congratulate Rep. Hinson for her victory and thank the hundreds of activists across the state who talked to their friends and neighbors encouraging them to vote this election.”

OPED: Rep. Ashley Hinson champions opportunity for all Iowans

  Americans for Prosperity Action Congratulates Reps. Bishop, Budd on Re-Election 

RALEIGH, NC—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) tonight congratulated Congressmen Dan Bishop (NC-09) and Ted Budd (NC-13) on their decisive re-elections. AFP Action announced support for both Bishop and Budd, citing their principled support of greater access to quality, affordable health care and a stronger economic recovery for North Carolina jobs, businesses, and families. Leaning on a variety of tactics—including leveraging its signature grassroots, direct-mail, and digital advertisements—AFP Action reached targeted, swing voters in these two districts ahead of Election Day.


AFP Action Senior Advisor Chris McCoy issued the following statement:


“Our activists applaud Congressmen Ted Budd and Dan Bishop on their respective re-elections. Both legislators earned the support of AFP Action for tackling the greatest challenges North Carolinians face—including improving access to quality, affordable health care and fighting for our economy to recover stronger than before. We are excited to see both Congressmen return to Washington and were proud to support them this cycle.”

AFP Action: Kansans Believe in Policy Champion Rep. Roger Marshall

Grassroots group congratulated Marshall, thanked activists for role in securing his election to the U.S. Senate

TOPEKA, Kan. – Americans for Prosperity Action congratulated Representative Roger Marshall on his election to the United State Senate. The grassroots group backed Marshall because of his principled leadership on key issues including supporting greater access to quality and affordable health care, reducing red tape and lowering the tax burden so Kansas families and businesses can get back on their feet.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Elizabeth Patton issued the following statement:

“Rep. Marshall is a seasoned, principled leader who has – and will continue to – fight for bottom up solutions to the toughest challenges facing Kansas and our country. We congratulate Rep. Marshall on his victory and thank activists across Kansas who knocked on doors and sent messages to their friends and neighbors encouraging them to vote in this election.”


 Americans for Prosperity Action Congratulates Sen. Cornyn on Election Victory

DALLAS, TX—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) tonight released a statement congratulating Sen. John Cornyn’s re-election victory. AFP Action announced support for Sen. Cornyn in June of 2019—supporting his re-election through a historic grassroots and paid media push. Reaching more than 1.5 million voters across the state through phones and doors. These efforts were layered with direct-mail and digital advertisements.


In throwing its support behind Sen. Cornyn, AFP Action highlighted the significant track record of principled leadership on policies that enable every Texan to achieve their American dream.


AFP Action Senior Advisor Mack Morris issued the following statement:

“We applaud the hard work of our dedicated activists across Texas in supporting Sen. Cornyn and so many other principled candidates this cycle. Sen. Cornyn’s resounding victory tonight is a testament to his dedication to tackling the greatest challenges the Lone Star State faces. In Washington, Sen. Cornyn has consistently delivered for hardworking families—fighting for better, more affordable health care, championing smart on crime and soft on taxpayers criminal justice reform, and helping our economy recover stronger than before. Congratulations, Senator Cornyn. We were proud to play a small role in ensuring your re-election.”




In June of 2019, AFP Action endorsed Senator John Cornyn. Since its initial endorsement, the grassroots focused group reached more than 1.5 million voters through doors and phones. AFP Action layered its grassroots engagement with significant paid media resources—through direct-mail, digital, and connected TV platforms.

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AFP Action Congratulates Scott Franklin, State Legislative Candidates on Election Victories

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) tonight congratulates Scott Franklin on his election to Florida’s 15th Congressional District and nine state legislative candidates on their victories. AFP Action applauds its grassroots activists for making over 1,000,000 voter contacts between door to door efforts and phone banking supporting AFP Action’s policy champions.

The grassroots-focused group endorsed Scott Franklin for his commitment to champion greater fiscal responsibility by reining in reckless government spending and ensuring Washington lives within its means. Franklin will also fight for greater access to quality, affordable health care for Florida’s families.

AFP Action endorsed 24 state legislative candidates for their principled support of various policies, such as educational opportunity for every Florida student, ensuring more money stays in the pockets of hardworking Florida workers, and fiscal responsibility in Congress.

Skylar Zander, AFP Action Senior Advisor released the following statement:

“Scott Franklin’s message of breaking down barriers for every Floridian and commitment to economic recovery through pro-growth reforms clearly resonated with voters. Our grassroots spread the word on how Scott Franklin will help them keep more of what you earn, eliminate red tape that prevents businesses from recovering, and rein in Washington’s spending addiction.

“We also congratulate our endorsed state legislative candidates’ victories in their respective races and thank our activists for working to educate Floridians on these candidates’ principled policy positions that will help every Floridian succeed. These victories send the message that Florida voters are ready to build on the success of our low tax and spend policies and continue to remove barriers for Floridians to achieve their version of the American dream.”

AFP Action engaged or endorsed candidates in 24 state legislative general elections:


  • Ana Maria Rodriguez (SD-39)
  • Danny Burgess (SD-20)
  • Jason Brodeur (SD-9)
  • Debbie Mayfield (SD-17)
  • Jennifer Bradley (SD-5


  • Paul Renner (HD-24)
  • Chris Sprowls (HD-65)
  • Elizabeth Fetterhoff (HD-26)
  • Scott Plakon (HD-29)
  • Bob Cortes (HD-30)
  • Tom Fabricio (HD-103)
  • Fiona McFarland (HD-72)
  • Blaise Ingoglia (HD-35)
  • James Grant (HD-64)
  • Bob Rommel (HD-106)
  • Tommy Gregory (HD-73)
  • Stan McClain (HD-23)
  • Thomas Leek (HD-25)
  • Amber Mariano (HD-36)
  • Josie Tomkow (HD-39)
  • Spencer Roach (HD-79)
  • Michael Grant (HD-75)
  • Sam Garrison (HD-18)
  • Alex Rizo (HD-110)

AFP Action also engaged in the primary election for Florida’s 19th Congressional District, backing Byron Donalds to a victory in the primary. AFP Action also supported Lauren Melo (HD-80) and Ray Rodrigues (SD-27) in their primary elections.

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