AFP Action Congratulates Scott Franklin, State Legislative Candidates on Election Victories

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) tonight congratulates Scott Franklin on his election to Florida’s 15th Congressional District and nine state legislative candidates on their victories. AFP Action applauds its grassroots activists for making over 1,000,000 voter contacts between door to door efforts and phone banking supporting AFP Action’s policy champions.

The grassroots-focused group endorsed Scott Franklin for his commitment to champion greater fiscal responsibility by reining in reckless government spending and ensuring Washington lives within its means. Franklin will also fight for greater access to quality, affordable health care for Florida’s families.

AFP Action endorsed 24 state legislative candidates for their principled support of various policies, such as educational opportunity for every Florida student, ensuring more money stays in the pockets of hardworking Florida workers, and fiscal responsibility in Congress.

Skylar Zander, AFP Action Senior Advisor released the following statement:

“Scott Franklin’s message of breaking down barriers for every Floridian and commitment to economic recovery through pro-growth reforms clearly resonated with voters. Our grassroots spread the word on how Scott Franklin will help them keep more of what you earn, eliminate red tape that prevents businesses from recovering, and rein in Washington’s spending addiction.

“We also congratulate our endorsed state legislative candidates’ victories in their respective races and thank our activists for working to educate Floridians on these candidates’ principled policy positions that will help every Floridian succeed. These victories send the message that Florida voters are ready to build on the success of our low tax and spend policies and continue to remove barriers for Floridians to achieve their version of the American dream.”

AFP Action engaged or endorsed candidates in 24 state legislative general elections:


  • Ana Maria Rodriguez (SD-39)
  • Danny Burgess (SD-20)
  • Jason Brodeur (SD-9)
  • Debbie Mayfield (SD-17)
  • Jennifer Bradley (SD-5


  • Paul Renner (HD-24)
  • Chris Sprowls (HD-65)
  • Elizabeth Fetterhoff (HD-26)
  • Scott Plakon (HD-29)
  • Bob Cortes (HD-30)
  • Tom Fabricio (HD-103)
  • Fiona McFarland (HD-72)
  • Blaise Ingoglia (HD-35)
  • James Grant (HD-64)
  • Bob Rommel (HD-106)
  • Tommy Gregory (HD-73)
  • Stan McClain (HD-23)
  • Thomas Leek (HD-25)
  • Amber Mariano (HD-36)
  • Josie Tomkow (HD-39)
  • Spencer Roach (HD-79)
  • Michael Grant (HD-75)
  • Sam Garrison (HD-18)
  • Alex Rizo (HD-110)

AFP Action also engaged in the primary election for Florida’s 19th Congressional District, backing Byron Donalds to a victory in the primary. AFP Action also supported Lauren Melo (HD-80) and Ray Rodrigues (SD-27) in their primary elections.

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