AFP Action Launches First Wave of Support for Senator Daines

Press Release

BOZEMAN, Montana – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) launched its first wave of digital ads and direct mail in support of Senator Steve Daines’s reelection today. The group will encourage Montanans to vote for SenatorDaines’s based on his record of leadership on key policies that will remove barriers to opportunity and enable every Montanan to live the American Dream.

AFP Action Senior Advisor David Herbst issued the following statement:

“Senator Daines has a track record of working to strengthen our communities and champion reforms that will improve our state and our country. Particularly on health care, a uniquely important issue here in Montana, Senator Daines has marshalled support for reforms that will increase access and lower costs for everyone. We’re proud to support his reelection and look forward to engaging Montanans across our state and encouraging them to vote for Senator Daines in November.”

AFP Action announced support for Senator Daines last year. AFP Action has outlined the key policies Senator Daines has champion that have earned him the organization’s support:

  • Senator Daines is a strong defender of our nation’s veterans, using his time in Washington to reform the VA so that our men and women in uniform receive the care they’ve earned. (citation: S. 2372, 2/5/2018)
  • Senator Daines knows the importance of improving the access to quality, affordable health care for Montanans and has fought to get government out of the way of innovating our health care. (citation:  S.J. Res 52, 7/31/2019)
  • Senator Daines understands the impact trade has on the livelihoods of Montanans, which is why he’s led the way to expand jobs and economic growth through eliminating trade barriers. (citation: H.R. 5895, Corker Motion to Instruct Conferees, 5/21/2018)
  • Senator Daines has supported reforms that ensure hard-working Montana families are able to keep more of their paychecks and has championed policies to make sure they see more money in their pockets. (citation: H.R. 1, 11/2/17)