AFP Action Texas Congratulates U.S. Congressional Candidates on Election Victory

AUSTIN, Texas – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP-Action) issued the following statement regarding the newly elected and re-elected lawmakers who earned the support of the grassroots organization: Rep. Tony Gonzales (TX-23), Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21), Monica De La Cruz (TX-15), and Wesley Hunt (TX-38).

AFP Action is proud to have endorsed Rep. Tony Gonzales (TX-23), Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21), Monica De La Cruz (TX-15), and Wesley Hunt (TX-38) for U.S. Congress and we congratulate them on their victories,” said Mack Morris, AFP Action Senior Advisor. “Thanks to the hard work of our activists, we made 67,000 door knocks and phone calls, and we mailed more than 670,000 pieces of mail in support of these exceptional individuals. These candidates understand the issues plaguing everyday Americans and will stand up to big government overreach and work hard to drive down the cost of living to help create a better future for generations to come.”


In June, AFP Action-TX announced its endorsement of Monica De La Cruz and Tony Gonzalez for U.S. Congress.

In December 2021, AFP Action-TX announced it endorsement of Wesley Hunt for U.S. Congress.

In September 2021, AFP Action announced its endorsement of Chip Roy for U.S. Congress.


AFP Action is a 527 political action committee focused on electing candidates who will drive policy change and facilitate the building of broad policy coalitions that remove barriers to opportunity and help people improve their lives. The organization has a strong, permanent grassroots presence, including highly motivated activists who volunteer during the election season by making telephone calls and knocking on doors in support of policy champions.

During the 2022 election cycle, AFP Action supported candidates nationwide with more than 2 million telephone calls, 5.5 million door knocks, and more than 69 million pieces of mail. AFP Action has unmatched direct voter outreach capability that is supported by a world-class data operation.