Americans for Prosperity Action Announces Support for Candidates Vying to Represent Texas in Congress

AUSTIN, TX – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its support for two candidates running for election and re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives – Rep. Van Taylor (TX-03) and Wesley Hunt (TX-38). These candidates earned the support of AFP Action for their commitment to championing principled policy solutions that put people over politics to help create a freer and stronger nation.

AFP Action will leverage a wide range of tactics, including its signature grassroots outreach and mobilization, to urge voters to support these candidates.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Genevieve Collins issued the following statement:

“Americans are calling out for leaders who will pave a better path forward and get their lives back to normal. AFP Action is confident in Rep. Van Taylor and Wesley Hunt’s ability to step up to the plate and put partisan politics aside to lead in the best interest of Texas families.

“Their commitment to fiscal responsibility, reducing excessive federal overreach, fulfilling our promise to veterans, and ensuring every American can access quality and affordable health care will help make it easier for our country to recover. Our activists are excited to get out in their communities and talk with voters to get these candidates re-elected and elected to office.”



In Washington, Representative Van Taylor leads on fiscal responsibility and has been an outspoken advocate for more transparency in government spending. During his time in Congress, Taylor cosponsored legislation to establish spending limits as a part of the “Maximizing America’s Prosperity Act of 2021,” as well as improved transparency through his support of the “Cost Estimates Improvement Act.” In addition, he spent his first term opposing legislation that would provide special interest tax breaks and subsidies that disproportionately benefit the wealthy and ensure working families pay more to get less.

Van Taylor believes in more transparency and fairness in our tax code. He is committed to helping individuals and families keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. During his second term, Taylor was a lead sponsor for the Truth in Taxation Act that would require specific descriptions of how pending legislation would affect federal taxes. He was also the lead sponsor of similar legislation passed during his time in the Texas Senate. This year, Taylor cosponsored the “Death Tax Repeal Act,” which would free families from costs associated with passing their businesses and farms down to the next generation. Additionally, he fought to retain equality and fairness in the tax code by opposing changes enacted through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Van Taylor has led on criminal justice reform and believes in improving the system to be smarter on crime and softer on taxpayers. In Washington, Taylor has cosponsored several key legislative policies including increasing attorney-client communications privileges, sentencing reform, and eliminating red tape for certain treatments related to substance abuse.

As a decorated Marine, Representative Van Taylor knows the importance of taking care of veterans when they return home. In 2021, Taylor introduced legislation that would protect Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families from being targeted by fraud and other predatory schemes.  In 2020, Taylor cosponsored legislation that would increase treatment options for veterans suffering from PTSD. In addition, Taylor has consistently advocated for increasing capacity at VA facilities where veterans are forced to endure long wait times to receive care.

Representative Van Taylor is committed to bridging divides. During his time in Congress, Taylor has been praised for his bipartisan solutions and working across the aisle to get things done. Described as “Mr. Bipartisan,” Taylor makes a point to dedicate his time on the U.S. House floor split evenly between both Democrats and Republicans. Additionally, he carries a card in his coat pocket that contains the names of authors of legislation he has cosponsored in order to build relationships, spark conversations, and fix the “distrust that exists in Washington.”



Wesley Hunt is committed to strengthening the labor market and will enact policies that remove needless red-tape and regulations hurting Texas small businesses. Hunt understands the importance of having a strong economy that is able to provide jobs for all people looking for work. In Washington, Hunt says he will champion free market solutions and push for deregulation that gets the federal government out of the way and unlocks the limitless potential of the American people. He also promises to fight against policies like the “Green New Deal” that would be a $16 trillion tax on individuals and eliminate thousands of jobs.

Wesley Hunt will lead on strong fiscal policies that help Americans keep more of their hard-earned paychecks and reduce government waste. Hunt is committed to fighting against wasteful and inefficient federal spending and cut taxes. He understands the importance of spending within our means and that Americans are overtaxed. He is a strong proponent of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and is committed “to make tax cuts permanent and give relief to middle class families.” In Congress, Hunt promises to stand up against massive Congressional spending sprees that drive up costs and leave future generations with crippling levels of debt. Hunt is opposed to President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and has repeatedly stressed the need for Congress to adopt a balanced budget.

Wesley Hunt is committed to making health care more affordable for all Americans by allowing competition to boost quality and drive down prices. Hunt believes that a government takeover of health care will make care worse and is an advocate for boosting flexibility in the current insurance industry. He supports allowing companies to reach customers across state lines to better enable individuals to find a health plan that best suits their personal needs.