Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Barbara Kirkmeyer

DENVER – Today, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) announced its endorsement of Barbara Kirkmeyer for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District. If elected, Kirkmeyer will put people over politics to drive lasting change from the bottom-up to ensure that each person is empowered to achieve their version of the American Dream. AFP Action will utilize a variety of highly targeted tactics, including grassroots engagement, digital advertisements, and direct mail to support her campaign.


AFP Action Senior Advisor Jesse Mallory issued the following statement:

“Barbara Kirkmeyer’s track record speaks for itself. She’s successfully advocated for stronger fiscal responsibility and smarter spending in Colorado. Now more than ever, these leadership skills are needed in Washington to get our economy back on track and to allow hardworking taxpayers to keep more of what they earn to invest in their families’ futures as we navigate these difficult times. We’re eager to place the full weight of our grassroots behind Barbara Kirkmeyer’s to ensure this principled leader gets elected.”



Colorado State Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer is a tireless advocate for responsible fiscal policies and understands the importance of transparency in our tax code. As a “fiscal hawk,” State Senator Kirkmeyer is focused on limiting the size, scope, and cost of government. She is committed to ensuring that Colorado’s budget lives within its means and understands the greatest threat to our future is an ever-rising debt. In her campaign for Senate District 23 last year, she called attention to massive increases in Colorado’s budget and stressed the importance of “tightening our belt and prioritizing spending.” As Weld County commissioner, Kirkmeyer managed a balanced budget that over a ten-year period returned more than $278 million to county taxpayers. She is committed to not supporting tax hikes, or any gimmicks disguised as a tax hike, and this year opposed an increase in fees related to the state’s fuel tax.

Barbara Kirkmeyer fought to rein in onerous and job-killing regulations that hurt our economy, and has advocated for strong policies that empower our energy sector. State Senator Kirkmeyer understands the importance of having a “stable, fair, predictable regulatory environment” and “will work to repeal laws and regulations that hurt our economy.” As State Senator, she fought to bring more flexibility to retailers adapting during the ongoing pandemic and cosponsored legislation to create a statewide search interface for all Colorado-agency related rule-making. As commissioner, she was strongly opposed to SB 181 that gave local governments more power to impose regulations on and barriers to energy production. In addition, Kirkmeyer understands Colorado’s oil and gas industry is “an economic driver… generating good jobs and tax revenues for our schools.”

Barbara Kirkmeyer understands the importance of a patient-driven health care market focusing on quality and affordable care. She is committed to improving the nation’s health care system and has fought tirelessly against a government takeover of our insurance markets. As state senator, Kirkmeyer sponsored innovative legislation to increase accountability for Colorado’s pharmacy benefit managers leading to an estimated $6.7 million – $8.9 million in savings on annual prescription costs. In addition, she fought against legislation that would establish drug price controls that could lead to drug shortages, government rationing, and less cures for patients. This year, she opposed a bill establishing a public health insurance in Colorado limiting residents’ ability to find a plan that best fits their individual needs.

Barbara Kirkmeyer has been a vocal advocate for empowering families and expanding education opportunities for Coloradan students. State Senator Kirkmeyer believes in an education system that maximizes options and flexibility for students, “whether that’s a public school, charter school, private school, trade/vocational school, or any other learning environment parents choose for their kids.” She acknowledges that bureaucracy and administrative costs are growing exponentially and is negatively impacting students.