AFP Action and LIBRE Action Announce First Wave of Texas State Legislative Candidate Endorsements

Austin, TX – Today, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) and The LIBRE Initiative Action (LIBRE Action) came together to announce their joint support of several Texas state legislative candidates. The following candidates earned the support of AFP Action and LIBRE Action for their commitment to advance principled policy solutions that seek to tackle the greatest challenges Texans face: Adam Blanchard (HD-122), Laura Hill (HD-93), Hayden Padgett (HD-70), and Kronda Thimesch (HD-65).

AFP Action and LIBRE Action are committed to seeing policy changes throughout Texas and are willing to spend up to $1M to ensure these candidates clear their primaries in March. The groups will leverage their signature grassroots army across 11 offices, deploying over 1,000 activists across Texas, as well as direct mail, digital advertisements, and events to urge voters to support these policy champions. LIBRE Action’s efforts will be laser-focused on engaging Texas’ growing Latino vote in these key districts.

Both groups will continue to evaluate additional candidates that show leadership in passing meaningful policy reforms which will be announced in the coming weeks.

AFP Action Texas Senior Advisor Genevieve Collins issued the following statement:

“For decades, Texas has led the nation in increasing personal freedoms through meaningful policy reforms. We are confident that the candidates we are endorsing today will carry on this tradition and continue to make the Lone Star State an example for others to follow as the Texas Legislature continues to create opportunities and achieve results for all Texans.

“In office, these candidates will work to increase access to quality, affordable health care, expand educational opportunities, and prioritize fiscal responsibility to help lower the tax burden on hardworking families. Our activists are excited to hit the ground running and get these candidates elected to office.”


Jorge Martinez, LIBRE Action Texas Advisor, issued the following statement:

“The road to Austin runs through the growing Hispanic population in Texas. LIBRE Action is committed to mobilizing our grassroots army of activists and volunteers to reject top-down one size-fits-all proposals by supporting these policy champions who will expand opportunity and prosperity for all Texans – including the Lone Star State’s growing Hispanic community.

“As recent elections have shown, Latinos in Texas are looking for solutions to every day needs including: job creation, economic opportunity and how best to provide their children with a good education.”


Adam Blanchard (HD-122):

As a successful entrepreneur and founder of three companies, Adam Blanchard understands the importance of fostering a business environment that creates jobs and encourages growth. As a member of the Texas House of Representatives, Blanchard will cut unnecessary job-killing regulations, fight for lower taxes for all Texans, advocate for a health care system that is “more transparent, affordable, and accessible” for all Texas families.


Laura Hill (HD-93):

As a member of the Texas House of Representatives, former Southlake Mayor, mother of three, and co-owner of two successful local businesses, Laura Hill will prioritize improving Texas’ classrooms, removing mandates and unnecessary red tape for businesses, and fighting to lower taxes for Texas families. Hill understands that lowering taxes and getting government out of the way will create new jobs and keep Texas’ economy thriving.


Hayden Padgett (HD-70): 

As a member of the Texas House of Representatives, Hayden Padgett will fight to expand options for parents in Texas’ education system and reduce the role of government in people’s lives. Padgett believes in a government that is “funded by as little as possible” and will ensure that taxes are constantly evaluated and wisely spent. He understands that Texas is “the engine of America” and has dedicated his adult life to serving the community through positions on the Plano Parks & Recreations Board and Texas Product Development & Small Business Incubator Board.


Kronda Thimesch (HD-65):

As a local business owner and resident of House District 65 for more than 35 years, Kronda Thimesch understands the importance of lowering taxes and removing excessive regulations on families and businesses. As a member of the Texas House of Representatives, Thimesch will lower property taxes, “improve health care access” while lowering costs, and “grow the Texas economic miracle” by enabling the private sector to better create jobs. She is committed to fostering a state environment free from “over-taxation and heavy-handed regulation” “so we can all have the dignity of work and provide for our families.”



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