AFP Action Endorses Derrick Anderson for VA-07  

Richmond, VA—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today endorsed Derrick Anderson in his bid for the District 07 U.S. House of Representatives seat.  

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tim Parrish released the following statement: 

“As the homegrown candidate who deeply understands his community, AFP Action believes Derrick Anderson is the best candidate to represent the hardworking families of the 7th Congressional District.   

“Anderson is a fresh voice and a new leader who will deliver for VA-07. He knows exactly how folks are struggling with the cost of living, and he is prepared to bring solutions to Washington. Additionally, as a former Special Forces Green Beret, he emphasizes the need for improving veterans’ benefits and support.  

“With inflation higher than it’s ever been, we are at a critical point in our country and need strong leaders like Derrick Anderson in Washington. AFP Action looks forward to putting the full weight of its grassroots capabilities behind him and see him elected as Virginia’s newest congressman in November.” 

AFP Action Congratulates State Rep. Gabe Evans on Primary Victory

DENVER, CO – Tonight, State Representative Gabe Evans won the Republican nomination in his bid to face off with Yadira Caraveo for Colorado’s 8th congressional district.

Upon the race call, AFP Action Senior Advisor Jesse Mallory released the following statement:

“Rep. Caraveo has failed to be an independent voice for Coloradans in Congress. Instead, she’s voted time and again in lockstep with Joe Biden. Coloradans are struggling with high inflation and the skyrocketing cost of living in the state and deserve a leader who will stand up to their party bosses.

“From his time as a police officer to his role in the legislature, State Rep. Gabe Evans has dedicated his life to the service of his community. This dedication to public service will continue in Congress as Rep. Evans has vowed to rein in Washington’s reckless spending and stop the attempts to stifle the American energy industry.

“AFP Action congratulates Rep. Evans on tonight’s victory. As we look to November, AFP Action intends to put the full weight of its grassroots capability behind Evans’ candidacy to unseat Caraveo.”

Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Congressman Andy Ogles  


Nashville, TN – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action), today, announced its endorsement of Andy Ogles for reelection for Congressional District 05.  

Tori Venable, AFP Action Senior Advisor for Tennessee, released the following statement:     

“We are thrilled to endorse Congressman Andy Ogles for reelection in U.S. Congress. As a proven principled conservative, Ogles has done exactly what he said he would do when he ran for Congress: stand up for Tennessee against overreaching government bureaucrats, fight to stop out-of-control spending, and hold those accountable for failing to uphold the Constitution and secure our borders. 

“Supporting major tax cuts and vital labor reforms, Rep. Ogles has a proven track record fighting for smaller government. As he continues to fight to bring fiscal responsibility back to Washington, AFP Action looks forward to putting the full weight of our grassroots support behind him and seeing him reelected in November.” 

AFP Action Congratulates Rafael Arroyo on Primary Victory

LAS VEGAS, NV — AFP Action-endorsed candidate Rafael Arroyo was victorious in the Republican Primary for Nevada State Assembly District 41.

Upon the race call, AFP Action Senior Advisor Ronnie Najarro released the following statement:

“Congratulations to Rafael Arroyo on his primary victory. From our conversations with voters, it’s clear Nevadans are eager for new leadership in Carson City. As a small business owner,  Arroyo knows the importance of a thriving, bottom-up economy – and will be a fiscally responsible voice to help bring down the rising cost of living in the Battle Born State. 

“AFP Action intends to put the full weight of our grassroots capabilities behind Arroyo’s candidacy to ensure he’s elected to the Nevada Assembly come November.”


AFP Action has acquired the data from outreach to more than 8 million people to bring new voters into the election process and ensure we elect better candidates. This cycle alone, AFP Action has knocked on more than 1 million doors throughout the country. These insights will direct the activities of the largest grassroots operation in the country that is ready to knock on doors to bring voters to the polls and win support for Rafael Arroyo. AFP Action invests extensively in mail, digital, and connected-television campaigns to lay the foundation for the one-on-one conversations by grassroots advocates that are often the difference-maker in any close race. In 2022, AFP and AFP Action engaged in 457 races, knocking on more than 7 million doors, delivering over 100 million pieces of mail, and reaching millions more voters through phone and email.

AFP Action Congratulates Sam Brown on Primary Victory, Marks 250k Doors Knocked in Nevada

LAS VEGAS, NV – In resounding fashion, Sam Brown won the Republican nomination to face off against Jacky Rosen for the U.S. Senate in the general election this November.

AFP Action has been active in this race since November 2023, knocking on more than 250,000 doors throughout the state and bringing Sam Brown’s positive message to Nevadans.

After the race was called, AFP Action Senior Advisor Ronnie Najarro released the following statement:

“Congratulations to Sam Brown on his resounding primary victory and all of the work his team has put into this race so far. Sam Brown is a Nevada patriot who has dedicated his life to the service of our country. His unwavering dedication to public service and commitment to Nevada clearly resonates with voters.

“This cycle so far, AFP Action has knocked on more than 250,000 doors throughout Nevada and made more than 600,000 voter contacts. In these conversations one thing is clear: Nevadans are deeply hurting and are sick and tired of the failed policies of Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen and are looking for new leaders to get the Battle Born State back on track. Throughout her time in office, Rosen has delivered little for Nevadans and has failed to combat the high cost of living impacting the state.

“AFP Action intends to put the full weight of our grassroots army behind his candidacy to ensure he is elected to unseat Jacky Rosen this November.”


AFP Action has acquired the data from outreach to more than 8 million people to bring new voters into the election process and ensure we elect better candidates. This cycle alone, AFP Action has knocked on more than 1 million doors throughout the country. These insights will direct the activities of the largest grassroots operation in the country that is ready to knock on doors to bring voters to the polls and win support for Sam Brown. AFP Action invests extensively in mail, digital, and connected-television campaigns to lay the foundation for the one-on-one conversations by grassroots advocates that are often the difference-maker in any close race. In 2022, AFP and AFP Action engaged in 457 races, knocking on more than 7 million doors, delivering over 100 million pieces of mail, and reaching millions more voters through phone and email.

Americans for Prosperity Action Announces Second Slate of Legislative Endorsements for 2024 Tennessee Republican Primary  

Nashville, TN — Today, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) announced endorsements for an additional Tennessee Senate candidate and 5 additional Tennessee House of Representatives candidates for the primary elections on August 1, 2024.  This announcement comes after the first slate of endorsements was released earlier this month. 

AFP Action Senior Advisor for Tennessee Tori Venable released the following statement:  

“We are thrilled to announce our support today for additional policy champions. We are proud of the work we have done alongside these incumbent candidates, and we are ready to hit the ground running to get them reelected. Our support is placed firmly behind principled leaders who have shown a steadfast commitment to making our state freer and more prosperous, ensuring families can thrive. These legislators will undoubtedly deliver lower taxes, better education, and greater liberty for hardworking Tennesseans. 

“We intend to fully leverage our grassroots efforts to support each of our policy champions, and we will continue to monitor the field to ensure all policy champions in need of support during the primary season have it. Their voices are crucial for the Volunteer State, especially with inflation at its peak. We are confident that they will continue to deliver for all Tennesseans and be a great addition to the General Assembly.” 

AFP-TN Newly Endorsed Candidates:    

SD 24 State Sen. John Stevens

Stevens has been a leader in advancing major reforms across multiple issues, including education, health care, and public safety. He has been working to overhaul Tennessee’s funding formula for education, demonstrating his commitment to critical reforms that expand educational opportunities. He supports efforts to eliminate CON (Certificate of Need) requirements, and, as an experienced attorney, he is a leading voice on public safety.

HD 13 State Rep. Robert Stevens 

While only in his first term, Stevens has proven to be a champion of educational opportunities. He serves as a member of the Education Administration Committee and was a key vote in support of ESAs and other school choice initiatives. He has also been a trusted voice and vote on both health care and tax issues, where he has voted to expand the scope of practice, supported CON repeal, and voted for significant tax cuts. 

HD 34 State Rep. Tim Rudd 

A champion of educational opportunities, Rudd has unwavering support for Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). He is a positive voice on multiple issues, including taxes, spending, labor, and regulations; he has been a consistent advocate for public safety reforms and ending corporate welfare.

HD 43 State Rep. Paul Sherrell 

An advocate for school choice, Sherrell has supported many educational expansion opportunities, including transitioning K-12 public schools to a student-based funding approach. Additionally, as a member of the health committee, he has been a consistent voice on health care, supporting the expansion of telehealth and other personal option reforms. 

HD 77 State Rep. Rusty Grills 

Grills has been a leading voice on multiple issues, advocating for policies such as open enrollment, Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), and expanding homeschooling opportunities. Beyond education, he is a key partner on public safety and health care issues. He was a lead sponsor of major reforms to repeal civil asset forfeiture bonds and cosponsored priority legislation to increase access to telehealth services.  

HD 78 State Rep. Mary Littleton 

Littleton is a policy leader on education issues, where she has supported multiple bills and efforts to expand educational opportunities through initiatives such as Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), open enrollment, and individualized learning plans. Additionally, she has supported key legislation to increase telehealth access and repeal Certificate of Need (CON) regulations, as well as numerous tax reform bills. 


Americans for Prosperity Action Announces First Slate of Legislative Endorsements for 2024 Republican Primary   

AFP Action Congratulates Primary Victors in Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia—Americans for Prosperity Action congratulated endorsed candidates State Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick (SD-32), Speaker Pro Temp Jan Jones, and State Reps. Todd Jones (HD-25), Chuck Martin (HD-49), and David Jenkins (HD-136) for their victories in securing the Republican nominations in Tuesday’s Georgia Primary.

These lawmakers earned AFP Actions support in their primary contests for their tireless dedication to advancing freedom and economic opportunity in the Peach State.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tony West issued the following statement after the races were called:

“This session, our elected leaders in Atlanta made impressive progress on issues that directly affect the quality of life and economic outlook of Georgians across the state. With these policy champions on the ballot, I’m confident that next session will see even more wins for the Peach State.

“I want to thank every activist who knocked doors and made phone calls who ensured that Georgians have good choices on the ballot. AFP Action will continue these efforts into November to ensure that next session is even more successful.”


Americans for Prosperity Action Releases 14 New Endorsements for Key Florida Statehouse Races      

Statewide, FL—Americans for Prosperity Action Florida (AFP Action FL) announced its second round of endorsements for the election season, following the recent release of four candidates for Senate. Today’s release brings the total to 18 endorsed candidates so far this cycle. 

AFP Action FL says its vast grassroots base will educate and mobilize voters in support of these principled leaders through door knocking, digital ads, and mail campaigns. 

AFP Action FL Senior Advisor, Skylar Zander, made the following statement: 

“Our grassroots base knows what issues Florida families are focused on, and we’re confident that electing or re-electing these key leaders will help drive the change we need in our state. From making it easier to open a business, fund your child’s education, or afford your first home, we hope to see these policy champions successful so that Florida can continue to be a place of economic prosperity and freedom.”  

Endorsed Candidates 

State Rep. Danny Alvarez HD-69 

Rep. Alvarez is a key supporter of occupational licensing reform, education initiatives, and expanding access to health care.     

Erika Booth HD-35 

As a public-school teacher and having served on the Osceola County School Board, Booth would support learners and improve Florida’s education system. Her support for policies promoting economic progress and health care make her the right choice for the House.   

State Rep. Jennifer Canady HD-50 

Rep. Canady is a leader on educational freedom and providing parents with choice in the child’s learning. She has a promising future in the House Education Committee and her background in education makes her a strong choice for the role.    

State Rep. Tom Fabricio HD-110 

In his first term, Rep. Fabricio has been a key Member on the issue of health care with particular attention to telehealth expansion. Rep. Fabricio serves his district well by driving positive change to foundational education, energy, and regulatory reform.  

State Rep. Mike Giolambardo HD-79 

Rep. Giolambardo is a leader Floridians can count on. He consistently supports efforts that drive health care reform specifically regarding telehealth and scope of practice.   

State Rep. Jeff Holcomb HD-53 

Rep. Holcomb is a proven policy partner on several key issues including labor, regulatory reform, and education. He has led multiple efforts to drive change in policy areas that directly impact Floridians’ lives.

State Rep. Traci Koster HD-64 

Rep. Koster is a leader in criminal justice reform working with partners on the issue. She also is a strong advocate for aligned labor and regulatory issues, particularly scope of practice and occupational licensing requirements.   

State Rep. Lauren Melo HD-82 

Rep. Melo’s position on the Health and Human Services Committee has been a platform for telehealth legislation and expanding care for patients. Florida needs Rep. Melo’s continued leadership on labor and deregulatory efforts.  

State Rep. Rachel Plakon HD-36 

In her first term, Rep. Plakon was effective on critical issues such as reforming and expanding health care and education. She has put Florida patients and families first by advocating for transformational reforms to quality of care and promoting educational freedom. 

Nick Primrose HD-18 

As an emerging leader, Primrose understands Florida’s political landscape and is a promising partner on key issues spanning from tax and regulatory reform to delivering results in public safety and justice, energy, health care, immigration, and labor.  

State Rep. Alex Rizo HD-112 

As a freshman legislator, Rep. Rizo has emerged as a policy champion on issues such as foundational education, health care, labor, energy, and regulatory reform. Notably, Rep. Rizo utilized his position as Chairman of the Choice & Innovation Subcommittee to support ESA legislation.  

Judson Sapp HD-20 

Sapp is an advocate for tax reform, eliminating burdensome regulations, and protecting free speech. In the House, Sapp would be a leader on lowering tax and reviewing costly regulations for taxpayers.  

State Rep. John Snyder HD-86 

Rep. Snyder is a champion for education freedom, helping Florida students have a brighter future. He is also an advocate for economic progress and occupational licensing reforms.  

State Rep. Brad Yeager HD-56 

In his first term in office, Yeager has played a positive role in addressing various key issues including regulations, education, and health care. He has maximized his position on committees to support transformative legislation.


AFP Action Congratulates Brad Knott on Runoff Victory

Grassroots Group Succeeds in Helping Another Policy Champion Win a Nomination

Raleigh, North Carolina—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP-Action) congratulated Brad Knott on his victory in tonight’s runoff to win the Republican nomination for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

AFP-Action endorsed Knott in the runoff for his commitment to fostering economic opportunity and mobility for North Carolinians. AFP-Action Senior Advisor Tyler Voigt issued the following congratulations after the race was called:

“Last year, AFP-Action made a commitment to seek out and endorse policy champions in more primaries. Tonight’s victory is AFP-Action delivering on that promise and ensuring that North Carolinians have the option to vote for quality candidates in November. Brad Knott is going to be the breath of fresh air we need representing the Tar Heel State in Washington. We were proud to throw our support behind him. We congratulate him on running a tightly focused campaign and also want to send out our thanks to every volunteer who made phone calls and knocked doors to bring about this victory.”


AFP Action Congratulates Riley Moore on Primary Victory 

CHARLESTON, W. Va.—Americans for Prosperity Action congratulated State Treasurer Riley Moore for winning the Republican nomination in Tuesday’s West Virginia Primary for the Second Congressional District. 

“Last year, we told Americans that we were going to be getting into more primaries, more often, because candidate quality matters. Riley Moore’s victory tonight ensures that voters in West Virginia’s Second Congressional District will be sending a principled leader to Washington in November. We look forward to continuing our support for Riley Moore through November and in his future endeavors,” said AFP Action Senior Advisor Jason Huffman

“The 2024 election will be a pivotal point for America’s future. Instead of sending politicians to Washington who will go along to get along, we need bold leaders who are not afraid to stand up to the status quo and have a proven record of fighting, and winning, for West Virginia values. Riley Moore is that kind of leader and we look forward to his election to the U.S. House of Representatives,” said Huffman.