Americans for Prosperity Action Announces Second Slate of Legislative Endorsements for 2024 Tennessee Republican Primary  

Nashville, TN — Today, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) announced endorsements for an additional Tennessee Senate candidate and 5 additional Tennessee House of Representatives candidates for the primary elections on August 1, 2024.  This announcement comes after the first slate of endorsements was released earlier this month. 

AFP Action Senior Advisor for Tennessee Tori Venable released the following statement:  

“We are thrilled to announce our support today for additional policy champions. We are proud of the work we have done alongside these incumbent candidates, and we are ready to hit the ground running to get them reelected. Our support is placed firmly behind principled leaders who have shown a steadfast commitment to making our state freer and more prosperous, ensuring families can thrive. These legislators will undoubtedly deliver lower taxes, better education, and greater liberty for hardworking Tennesseans. 

“We intend to fully leverage our grassroots efforts to support each of our policy champions, and we will continue to monitor the field to ensure all policy champions in need of support during the primary season have it. Their voices are crucial for the Volunteer State, especially with inflation at its peak. We are confident that they will continue to deliver for all Tennesseans and be a great addition to the General Assembly.” 

AFP-TN Newly Endorsed Candidates:    

SD 24 State Sen. John Stevens

Stevens has been a leader in advancing major reforms across multiple issues, including education, health care, and public safety. He has been working to overhaul Tennessee’s funding formula for education, demonstrating his commitment to critical reforms that expand educational opportunities. He supports efforts to eliminate CON (Certificate of Need) requirements, and, as an experienced attorney, he is a leading voice on public safety.

HD 13 State Rep. Robert Stevens 

While only in his first term, Stevens has proven to be a champion of educational opportunities. He serves as a member of the Education Administration Committee and was a key vote in support of ESAs and other school choice initiatives. He has also been a trusted voice and vote on both health care and tax issues, where he has voted to expand the scope of practice, supported CON repeal, and voted for significant tax cuts. 

HD 34 State Rep. Tim Rudd 

A champion of educational opportunities, Rudd has unwavering support for Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). He is a positive voice on multiple issues, including taxes, spending, labor, and regulations; he has been a consistent advocate for public safety reforms and ending corporate welfare.

HD 43 State Rep. Paul Sherrell 

An advocate for school choice, Sherrell has supported many educational expansion opportunities, including transitioning K-12 public schools to a student-based funding approach. Additionally, as a member of the health committee, he has been a consistent voice on health care, supporting the expansion of telehealth and other personal option reforms. 

HD 77 State Rep. Rusty Grills 

Grills has been a leading voice on multiple issues, advocating for policies such as open enrollment, Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), and expanding homeschooling opportunities. Beyond education, he is a key partner on public safety and health care issues. He was a lead sponsor of major reforms to repeal civil asset forfeiture bonds and cosponsored priority legislation to increase access to telehealth services.  

HD 78 State Rep. Mary Littleton 

Littleton is a policy leader on education issues, where she has supported multiple bills and efforts to expand educational opportunities through initiatives such as Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), open enrollment, and individualized learning plans. Additionally, she has supported key legislation to increase telehealth access and repeal Certificate of Need (CON) regulations, as well as numerous tax reform bills. 


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