Americans for Prosperity Action Announces First Slate of Legislative Endorsements for 2024 Republican Primary 

Nashville, TN — Today, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) announced endorsements for one Tennessee Senate candidate and six Tennessee House of Representatives candidates for the primary elections on August 1, 2024.  

AFP Action Senior Advisor for Tennessee Tori Venable released the following statement: 

“We are thrilled to announce our support for these policy champions. There are several open seats in the state legislature, and we are ready to hit the ground running to help Tennesseans get to know newcomers who’ve earned our endorsement. These policy champions will undoubtedly deliver lower taxes, better education, and more liberty for hard-working Tennesseans. Our support is carefully placed behind principled leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to making our state a freer and more prosperous place where families can succeed. 

“We plan to put the full weight of our grassroots efforts behind each of our policy champions. Their voices are needed for the Volunteer state at a time when inflation is at its highest, and we are confident that they will be a great addition to the General Assembly.” 

AFP Action Endorsed Candidates:   

SD 04 State Sen. Jon Lundberg 

As chair of the Senate Education Committee, Sen. Lundberg has been crucial to advancing educational reforms and public-school choice. Beyond his support for school choice, he is a positive voice for the free-market, public safety and healthcare; he supported key reforms to victims’ restitution and certificate-of-need (CON).

HD 20 Jason Emert 

Emert, a reserve office with the U.S. Air Force and member of the Tennessee Air National Guard. His platform recognizes the need to end the healthcare monopoly by repealing CON, supports the advancement of statewide universal school choice, and supports ending occupational licensing. 

HD 33 State Rep. John Ragan 

Rep. Ragan is a policy leader on education issues, supporting reforms to expand educational opportunities through school choice and the pilot ESA program. He is a trusted voice on efforts to reform civil asset forfeiture and plays an important role in maintaining a policy coalition, and he has been a key vote on legislation eliminating CON requirements. He also serves as chairman of the Government Operations committee – where he provides oversight on regulations and licensing boards through a limited government perspective.

HD 64 State Rep. Scott Cepicky 

Rep. Cepicky is a vital voice and a critical leader on educational issues. As the chair of the Education Instruction Subcommittee, he has worked diligently to expand educational opportunities, including universal ESAs. Additionally, he has sponsored legislation aimed at ensuring public safety, maintaining a functioning justice system, and implementing key tax cuts. He is one of the few members to reject the practice of corporate welfare, with government picking winners and losers in business.

HD 65 Lee Reeves 

Reeves, a Williamson County resident, supports school choice, personal option health care reforms, and tax cuts. He is expected to be an active voice supporting reforms that push back against the administrative state, ensure job creation, reduce regulatory burdens, and lower tax rates. Additionally, he is passionate about education reform and poised to be a vital partner in efforts to expand educational opportunities.

HD 68 Aron Maberry 

Currently serving as a Montgomery County school board member with ties to the homeschool community, Maberry is expected to play a crucial role in efforts to expand educational opportunities.

HD 73 State Rep. Chris Todd 

Rep. Todd has been a key leader pushing for more transparency in government. His efforts lead to the creation of a legislative dashboard, giving the public access to amendments before they are voted on. He has played a vital role in persuading other lawmakers to support expanding educational opportunities and co-sponsored legislation to eliminate CON requirements. Rep. Todd sponsored bills to cut taxes and is a leading voice for right-to-work.