AFP Action Congratulates Primary Victors in Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia—Americans for Prosperity Action congratulated endorsed candidates State Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick (SD-32), Speaker Pro Temp Jan Jones, and State Reps. Todd Jones (HD-25), Chuck Martin (HD-49), and David Jenkins (HD-136) for their victories in securing the Republican nominations in Tuesday’s Georgia Primary.

These lawmakers earned AFP Actions support in their primary contests for their tireless dedication to advancing freedom and economic opportunity in the Peach State.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tony West issued the following statement after the races were called:

“This session, our elected leaders in Atlanta made impressive progress on issues that directly affect the quality of life and economic outlook of Georgians across the state. With these policy champions on the ballot, I’m confident that next session will see even more wins for the Peach State.

“I want to thank every activist who knocked doors and made phone calls who ensured that Georgians have good choices on the ballot. AFP Action will continue these efforts into November to ensure that next session is even more successful.”