Americans for Prosperity Action Releases 14 New Endorsements for Key Florida Statehouse Races      

Statewide, FL—Americans for Prosperity Action Florida (AFP Action FL) announced its second round of endorsements for the election season, following the recent release of four candidates for Senate. Today’s release brings the total to 18 endorsed candidates so far this cycle. 

AFP Action FL says its vast grassroots base will educate and mobilize voters in support of these principled leaders through door knocking, digital ads, and mail campaigns. 

AFP Action FL Senior Advisor, Skylar Zander, made the following statement: 

“Our grassroots base knows what issues Florida families are focused on, and we’re confident that electing or re-electing these key leaders will help drive the change we need in our state. From making it easier to open a business, fund your child’s education, or afford your first home, we hope to see these policy champions successful so that Florida can continue to be a place of economic prosperity and freedom.”  

Endorsed Candidates 

State Rep. Danny Alvarez HD-69 

Rep. Alvarez is a key supporter of occupational licensing reform, education initiatives, and expanding access to health care.     

Erika Booth HD-35 

As a public-school teacher and having served on the Osceola County School Board, Booth would support learners and improve Florida’s education system. Her support for policies promoting economic progress and health care make her the right choice for the House.   

State Rep. Jennifer Canady HD-50 

Rep. Canady is a leader on educational freedom and providing parents with choice in the child’s learning. She has a promising future in the House Education Committee and her background in education makes her a strong choice for the role.    

State Rep. Tom Fabricio HD-110 

In his first term, Rep. Fabricio has been a key Member on the issue of health care with particular attention to telehealth expansion. Rep. Fabricio serves his district well by driving positive change to foundational education, energy, and regulatory reform.  

State Rep. Mike Giolambardo HD-79 

Rep. Giolambardo is a leader Floridians can count on. He consistently supports efforts that drive health care reform specifically regarding telehealth and scope of practice.   

State Rep. Jeff Holcomb HD-53 

Rep. Holcomb is a proven policy partner on several key issues including labor, regulatory reform, and education. He has led multiple efforts to drive change in policy areas that directly impact Floridians’ lives.

State Rep. Traci Koster HD-64 

Rep. Koster is a leader in criminal justice reform working with partners on the issue. She also is a strong advocate for aligned labor and regulatory issues, particularly scope of practice and occupational licensing requirements.   

State Rep. Lauren Melo HD-82 

Rep. Melo’s position on the Health and Human Services Committee has been a platform for telehealth legislation and expanding care for patients. Florida needs Rep. Melo’s continued leadership on labor and deregulatory efforts.  

State Rep. Rachel Plakon HD-36 

In her first term, Rep. Plakon was effective on critical issues such as reforming and expanding health care and education. She has put Florida patients and families first by advocating for transformational reforms to quality of care and promoting educational freedom. 

Nick Primrose HD-18 

As an emerging leader, Primrose understands Florida’s political landscape and is a promising partner on key issues spanning from tax and regulatory reform to delivering results in public safety and justice, energy, health care, immigration, and labor.  

State Rep. Alex Rizo HD-112 

As a freshman legislator, Rep. Rizo has emerged as a policy champion on issues such as foundational education, health care, labor, energy, and regulatory reform. Notably, Rep. Rizo utilized his position as Chairman of the Choice & Innovation Subcommittee to support ESA legislation.  

Judson Sapp HD-20 

Sapp is an advocate for tax reform, eliminating burdensome regulations, and protecting free speech. In the House, Sapp would be a leader on lowering tax and reviewing costly regulations for taxpayers.  

State Rep. John Snyder HD-86 

Rep. Snyder is a champion for education freedom, helping Florida students have a brighter future. He is also an advocate for economic progress and occupational licensing reforms.  

State Rep. Brad Yeager HD-56 

In his first term in office, Yeager has played a positive role in addressing various key issues including regulations, education, and health care. He has maximized his position on committees to support transformative legislation.