Americans for Prosperity Action Florida Puts Weight of Grassroots Army Behind 11 New Candidates 

Statewide, FL—Today, Americans for Prosperity Action Florida (AFP Action FL) announced its third round of endorsements for the election season, bringing the total to 29 endorsed candidates this cycle so far. 

AFP Action FL will utilize its statewide base of dedicated grassroots activists to educate and mobilize voters in support of these principled leaders through digital and mail campaigns. 

AFP Action FL Senior Advisor, Skylar Zander, made the following statement: 

“Allowing Florida businesses, students, and families to thrive is possible through principled policy work in our legislature – that’s why we need these leaders in office. AFP Action FL will work with our grassroots activists to educate voters leading up to the election on how their voices will be represented through these candidates.”  

Endorsed Candidates 

Gladyvette “Yvette” Benarroch (HD-81)

In the House, Benarroch will be a prominent voice on educational policies. As a charter school board member, she is qualified to handle key reforms to educational opportunities while safeguarding parents’ rights. And, as a small business owner Benarroach understands the burden of excessive occupational licensing rules, regulations, and taxation.

Richard Gentry (HD-27)   

Gentry’s time serving as Florida Public Counsel and as Legislative Counsel to the Florida Homebuilders Association has positioned him to become an impactful voice in the House. He is a promising leader on energy and regulatory issues where he aims to address high energy costs and reduce regulatory burdens. 

Sam Greco (HD-19) 

Greco is a rising leader expected to work on top issues like cutting red tape regulations and expanding Florida’s Education Saving Account (ESA) program. In the House, Greco will also prioritize lowering barriers that make it more difficult for Florida businesses to thrive and addressing growing insurance costs.

“JJ” Grow (HD-23)   

Grow is a small business owner and advocates for deregulation and reducing taxes to keep Florida’s economy strong. He is a promising leader in education where he is expected to champion expanding learning opportunities at the K-12 and postsecondary levels.  

Jennifer Kincart Jonsson (HD-49)

In the House, Kincart Jonsson will support conservative values and prioritize transparency in government. She will prevent rate-setting agencies from ballooning housing insurance costs. She will prioritize securing our border and fighting inflation by cutting taxes. And, Kincart Jonsson will empower parents to be involved in their child’s education.

State Rep. Randall Scott “Randy” Maggard (HD-54)

Rep. Maggard is a proven policy leader driving reforms on key issues including education, health care, labor, and regulations. He is a needed voice in the House when it comes to expanding educational opportunities that support students’ individual learning needs. In addition, Rep. Maggard has stood behind efforts to reduce overburdensome building permitting regulations in order to lower housing costs in the state.

State Sen. Debbie Mayfield (HD-32)

Sen. Mayfield has demonstrated her policy expertise in the Senate on core issues such as reforming Certificate of Need laws that limit the health care marketplace and competition. Her legislative leadership will be beneficial in the House as a voice in reducing overburdensome and unnecessary regulations that limit Florida’s business community.

Danny Nix (HD-75) 

In the House, Nix is anticipated to be a policy leader on top issues for Floridians such as tax reform, expanding education, and protecting free speech. Notably, his dedication to reducing and eliminating burdensome and outdated taxes such as business rent tax can help the business community prosper.  

Vanessa Oliver (HD-76) 

Oliver will be a valued addition to the House with her unique experience in the health care space where she will work to expand access and affordability by allowing medical professionals to practice to the extent of their training and work across state lines. She is also a principled leader on issues such as lowering the cost of insurance and protecting free speech.  

State Rep. Susan Plasencia (HD-37)  

Rep. Plasencia is a proven policy champion on issues such as education and health care. As the lead sponsor of key ESA legislation, Rep. Plasencia demonstrated how critical her vote is when driving transformative change in education. She also values reducing occupational licensure requirements for health care professionals and improving public safety as well as the justice system. 

State Rep. Keith Truenow (SD-13)  

An Air Force veteran and farmer, Rep. Truenow would take his talents of fiscal conservativism and cutting red tape from the House to Senate to further ensure Florida is open for business. Rep. Truenow has also dutifully supported expanded ESA legislation to provide new pathways for vocational training.  

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