TV Ad: Marsha Blackburn – the Right Choice for Tennessee

NASHVILLE, TN – Americans for Prosperity Actiontoday announced its continued efforts in support of Marsha Blackburn. This week, AFP Action will launch a significant $2 million television campaign airing across Tennessee that contrasts Phil Bredesen’s support for a single-payer health care system that puts Washington, DC in charge and Marsha Blackburn’s support for patient-focused solutions that lower costs, giving Tennesseans more control and choice over their care.

The television campaign comes on the heels of AFP Action’s recent digital campaign that includes two digital ads: one contrasting Blackburn’s support for more health care freedom against Bredesen’s support for more government control, and another 15-second spot highlighting Bredesen’s support for a single-payer system in his own words.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tori Venable issued the following statement:

“Tennesseans want control over their health care, yet Phil Bredesen wants to place a 19% tax on Tennesseans’ paychecks to begin paying for his $2 trillion single-payer scheme. Handing the government more control over your health care decisions and raising taxes to pay for it was a bad idea when Phil Bredesen first proposed it and it still is now. The choice for Tennesseans is clear this November. Marsha Blackburn will fight to get government out of the way and empower people to control their own health care decisions. That is why we are urging Tennesseans to vote for Marsha Blackburn for senator this November.”

Read the full ad script below:

Our family’s health means everything.

But Phil Bredesen would put D.C. in charge of care.

His plan? A single-payer system that could cost two TRILLION dollars and a NINETEEN percent tax hike on wages to pay for it.

Marsha Blackburn supports more affordable health care plans.

She took on DC bureaucrats, so patients could get life-saving treatment.

Marsha Blackburn – the right choice for Tennessee.


In addition to the TV and digital ads, Americans for Prosperity Action will send out mailers state-wide in support of Marsha Blackburn. In the past two weeks, the group has knocked on 3,125 doors and made over 46,000 phone calls urging Tennesseans to vote for Marsha Blackburn.