Gillum’s Extreme Agenda Highlighted in AFP-Action Ad Launch

Gillum’s massive tax increases, crippling health care policies, and opposition to expanding opportunities for students are too extreme for Florida

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity Action SM (AFP-Action) launched a digital ad buy today and will be coupling that with a significant direct-mail push to educate Floridians about candidate Andrew Gillum’s record and extreme agenda.

AFP-Action Senior Advisor, Chris Hudson released the following statement:

“Andrew Gillum’s agenda is too extreme for Florida. His plan for the economy? Raise taxes that hurt Florida businesses and families. His plan for health care? Take away your health insurance and cut access to Floridians on Medicaid by expanding a broken system.  His plan for education?  Destroy successful programs that give students a hand up in achieving their goals. We can’t afford Andrew Gillum.”

View “Andrew Gillum is too Extreme for Florida” here

Gillum Supports Single-Payer Health Care

Gillum Supports Sen. Sanders’ Medicare For All Plan Claiming It Will Lower Costs And Expand Coverage To More Floridians. “Andrew believes that healthcare should be a fundamental right, not a privilege. Instead, extreme politicians refuse to acknowledge that Floridians struggle every day to keep themselves and their families from going bankrupt due to the lack or cost of healthcare. Andrew believes that Senator Sanders’ Medicare for All plan will help lower costs and expand coverage to more Floridians. Gillum has promised to fight the new health care premium increases that are a result of President Trump, Rick Scott and Congressional Republicans trying to attack Obamacare.” (“Healthcare,” Andrew Gillum For Governor, Accessed 9/21/18)

Gillum Said He’d Raise Taxes On Corporation To Pay For His Medicare For All Plan. “Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum (D) said Sunday that he would increase taxes on corporations in the state to help fund his plan to provide Medicare for all. Gillum was pressed on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ about his pledge to provide medical care for everyone in his state, including how he would pay for it. … The Democrat said he would look to increase taxes on corporations instead, arguing that only 3 percent of companies in the state pay a corporate tax rate.” (Brett Samuels, “Gillum: Florida Would Tax Corporations, Join Other States To Pay For Medicare For All,” The Hill, 9/2/18)

Gillum Supports Medicaid Expansion

“As Governor, Andrew Will Work To Expand Medicaid And Strengthen The Affordable Care Act.” “Florida never received the opportunity to benefit from the full impact of the Affordable Care Act due to Governor Scott’s refusal to extend Medicaid to over 1 million Floridians. As Governor, Andrew will work to expand Medicaid and strengthen the Affordable Care Act. Andrew has proposed passing a Florida law protecting people with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage, being charged more for their care due to a pre-existing condition, or women being charged more than men. He was also the only candidate who proposed a law protecting women’s access to no-cost contraceptive care under Obamacare.” (“Healthcare,” Andrew Gillum For Governor, Accessed 9/21/18)

According To The National Center For Health Statistics, Only 48.3 Percent Of Office-Based Physicians In Florida Accept New Medicaid Patients. (“Health Insurance And Access To Care,” National Center For Health Statistics, 3/18)

Gillum Would End Successful Education Programs

A Gillum Spokesman Said He Would Veto Any Bill That Includes Charter School Funding. “Tallahassee Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum on Wednesday called proposed House funding for charter schools ‘a giveaway to (House Republicans’) friends and family.’ But Gillum at first wouldn’t answer whether he would veto such funding if he were governor, saying instead he would put a ‘premium’ on fully funding the state’s public-school system. A spokesman later said he would veto that kind of funding if elected, explaining Gillum ‘fundamentally believes the bill’s approach is wrong.’” (Jim Rosica, “Andrew Gillum, Shevrin Jones Lambaste Charter School Funding Plan,” Florida Politics, 4/12/18)

Gillum Called For An End To A Program That Allows Florida Corporations To Divert Tax Bills Into Voucher And Scholarship Programs For Charter And Private Schools. “A loophole in the Gillum plan is that corporations could divert their tax bill to the state voucher and scholarship program for charter and private schools. Gillum said it’s time to end the ‘Jeb-Bush era’ program.” (James Call, Andrew Gillum, Ron DeSantis Spar Over Mayor’s Proposed Corporate Tax Hike To Fund Schools,” Tallahassee Democrat, 9/18/18)

And Gillum Wants $1 Billion Tax Hike On Florida Businesses and Families

Gillum: “As Governor, I’ll Adjust Our State’s Corporate Income Tax Rate And Recoup $1 Billion From Donald Trump’s Tax Giveaway.” “As Governor, I’ll adjust our state’s corporate income tax rate and recoup $1 billion from Donald Trump’s tax giveaway. I’ll use those funds to pay new teachers a $50,000 starting salary, raise pay for veteran school teachers and staff to the national average, invest in SHOP 2.0 and vocational training, and rebuild our crumbling public schools.” (Langston Taylor, “A Voters’ Guide To The Candidates Running For Florida Governor,” Miami Herald, 8/12/18)