Americans for Prosperity Action Launches Digital Ad Supporting Dave Brat

RICHMOND, Va. – Americans for Prosperity Action® launched a targeted digital ad buy today, urging voters in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District to vote for Dave Brat on November 6th.

“Dave Brat is taking Virginia in the right direction,” said AFP Action senior advisor JC Hernandez. “From supporting tax cuts that put more money back in our pocket to voting for more affordable health care options, Dave Brat is a champion for Virginians and we’re doing our part to make sure he’s re-elected. We need lawmakers who are breaking down barriers and leading on key issues like lowering taxes and fixing our health care system, and for Virginia’s 7th district, that lawmaker is Dave Brat.”



In September, Americans for Prosperity Action began its work in support of Brat. AFP Action and its activists plan to knock on hundreds of doors every Saturday from now until the election to encourage their neighbors to vote for Dave Brat.