AFP-Action Launches Significant Direct-Mail Push in Florida

Effort highlights clear case to oppose Bill Nelson


Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity ActionSM (AFP-Action) has launched a statewide direct mail campaign in support of Governor Rick Scott for the U.S. Senate. The effort makes a clear case that Floridians should support Rick Scott, a successful two-term governor that helped lead the state out of economic turmoil, and oppose Bill Nelson, a 30-year politician who grossly blocks expanding health care options, votes against pro-growth tax cuts, and blindly supports big government spending that stands to hurt Florida families.


View “Clear Case” Mailer here


“Rick Scott is a proven leader,” said AFP-Action Florida Senior Advisor, Chris Hudson. “Eight years ago, Governor Scott helped pull the state out from a disastrous economy by insisting state lawmakers tighten their belts. We could use more of that sort of leadership in Washington. In just eight years, Florida has bounced back and is recognized as one of the most free and prosperous states in the nation.”

“Meanwhile, after 30 years in office, Bill Nelson should have come up with his own solutions for addressing our nation’s critical needs. Instead, Nelson uninspiringly follows Chuck Schumer, and now resorts to attaching himself to Andrew Gillum’s extreme big government agenda on health care, education, and the economy. Bill Nelson has had 30 years’ worth of chances to lead – but the case is clear, Bill Nelson does not deserve another six years in Washington.”

Nelson supports legislation to block Floridians from accessing more health care options:

  • Nelson is a sponsor of a bill (S J Res 63) to block insurers from providing Short Term Limited Duration plans, which would give Floridians more affordable health insurance options.


Nelson opposes pro-growth tax cuts:

  • Despite the economic benefits of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, Nelson stands by his vote against economic relief for American businesses and individuals. To name a few of the success stories in Florida, Darden Restaurants announced they would spend over $20 million on over 175,000 employees; Duke Energyannounced it will pass on savings from tax reform to its customers that results in customers’ saving an average of $187 on their electric bill over the next three years; Joseph’s Lite Cookies announced it will give its employees raises of $3,000$4,000 in addition to investing in new computer systems and new product packaging; and, Don Ramon Restaurant announced unspecified bonuses and raises to staff.
  • Nelson previously supported lowering the U.S. corporate tax rate and has claimed the rate is too high and could be lowered.


Nelson supports big government spending:

  • In February, 2009 Nelson voted for the massive, $830 billion Obama era stimulus Bill Nelson voted against modest spending reductions during the stimulus debates, and voted against lowering taxes. And just this year, Nelson voted for a massive $1.3 trillion dollar spending bill and also voted against a modest spending reduction of $15 billion in the rescissions package this summer.