Gillum Bashes Florida’s Success Story

Andrew Gillum shows misunderstanding of the economy in attempt to smear Governor Scott and Florida workers


Tallahassee, FL – Over the weekend, Andrew Gillum appeared on “Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede” and dropped one of the biggest lies of the year, making it glaringly apparent that the small-town mayor has big-time problems with making absurdly false claims.

Heralded CBS reporter, Jim DeFede asked Gillum whether he would give Governor Rick Scott any credit for the booming economy.

“Of course, we have low unemployment”, said Gillum. “People have to work two to three jobs to make ends meet.”

Too bad for Gillum, when fellow democratic-socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez delivered the same demonstrably false statement earlier this year, Politifact rated the claim “Pants on Fire” on multiple counts.

“Florida has been on the right track because of steady, common sense leadership – these are facts,” said AFP-Action Senior Advisor, Chris Hudson. “Florida is ranked number one for fiscal freedom and unemployment is way down. Floridians need strong leadership and sensible solutions, not Andrew Gillum’s senseless commitment to taxing hardworking families and local businesses out of work.”

Andrew Gillum has proposed an extreme $1 billion tax hike. The tax hike would raise the state’s corporate income tax by 40%.