Nick Freitas will champion opportunity for all Virginians

November will be a crucial month for Virginia families and the issues they care about. Will the Commonwealth be a place where they will be able to provide for their families? Afford quality health care? Enable their children to take advantage of the opportunities they will need for a better future?

To be a place where all these things are possible, Virginia will need policy champions such as Delegate Nick Freitas. He has spent his career championing opportunity for all Virginians, and that’s why Americans for Prosperity Action is proud to support him for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

  • As a family man, Freitas knows Virginia families are concerned about providing quality health care to their loved ones. That’s why he’s supported expanding access to quality care, at a price families can afford.
  • By championing fiscally responsible policies, Freitas has helped make it easier for Virginians to provide for their families. His efforts to reduce red tape will help businesses, jobs, and economic opportunity return once Virginia’s economy fully reopens.
  • Freitas has proven he’s dedicated to reducing the tax burden imposed on hardworking Virginians, ensuring they have greater choice in how they spend their paychecks.
  • Freitas has also shown he’s not afraid to stick his neck out for principled policy solutions to the Commonwealth’s greatest challenges. He has championed policies that make it easier for those who have paid their debts to rejoin their communities, giving them a real second chance to contribute to society. In doing so, Freitas has helped make our communities safer and advanced the opportunity for second chances.

For all these reasons and more, Americans for Prosperity Action encourages 7th District voters to send Nick Freitas to Washington to continue championing opportunity for all Virginians.