Americans for Prosperity Action Applauds Tracey Mann’s Primary Victory, Urges Elevated Discourse on Immigration Reform

TOPEKA, Kan.—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) tonight applauded Tracey Mann’s primary victory in the race for Kansas’s 1st Congressional District. Mann earned AFP Action’s support for his dedication to removing barriers to opportunity for all Kansans by championing economic policies that promote prosperity and fiscal responsibility. AFP Action leveraged its signature grassroots, direct-mail, radio, and digital advertisements to support Mann’s candidacy.

AFP Action issued the following statement:

“We’re excited to see primary voters recognize the same principled leadership our activists saw in Tracey Mann. We expect that Mann will be a welcomed addition to Congress and will help improve the lives of all Kansans.

“We would also encourage Mann, as he prepares for the general election, to demonstrate those leadership qualities by better elevating his discourse around immigration and work to bring people together to fix our broken immigration system. The use of messages that buy into the false choice and division on the topic are not helpful to driving a solution for the country. Through a productive discussion and thoughtful leadership, we believe that Tracey Mann can help pave a meaningful path forward on this and all other issues that are country is facing.”