Americans for Prosperity Action Alaska Announces Support for Principled Policy Champions

JUNEAU, AK. – Americans for Prosperity Action Alaska (AFP Action Alaska) announced its support for 4 candidates vying for the Alaska legislature in this month’s primary elections. These individuals earned the support of AFP Action Alaska for their principled dedication to tackling Alaska’s toughest challenges.

AFP Action Alaska is supporting Tom McKay for House District 24, Lynn Gattis for House District 7, Jesse Sumner for House District 10, and George Rauscher for House District 9.

AFP Action Alaska Chair Ryan McKee had this to say about the endorsements:

“We are pleased to announce our support for these candidates. Each of these individuals has demonstrated their dedication to supporting a constitutional spending cap that will get government spending under control, get our economy back on track, and protect our permanent fund dividend. These candidates have shown they’ll fight to make sure Alaskans have every opportunity to live their American dream here in The Last Frontier. Our activists are ready to hit the ground running to make sure these policy champions are elected.”

Tom McKay, House District 24

Tom McKay understands that if hardworking Alaskans have to live within their means, so should the government. Tom McKay has been vocal in his support of a constitutional spending cap, which will rein in government spending and protect Alaskans from tax increases.

Lynn Gattis, House District 7

Lynn Gattis has a track record of working to pass legislation that protects Alaskan’s permanent fund dividend and from being saddled with an income tax. She has also shown her dedication to improving Alaska’s education system and ensuring that every child can receive the education that fits their unique needs.

Jesse Sumner, House District 10

As a member of the Mat-su Borough Assembly, Jesse Sumner has proven he’ll stand up for fiscal responsibility in Juneau. He has consistently voted against tax increases and has shown his dedicated to making sure Alaskans can find fulfilling work and provide for their families.

George Rauscher, House District 9

As a member of the Alaska House of Representatives, George Rauscher was the lead sponsor on legislation to pass a constitutional spending cap. He has a track record of working collaboratively to pass meaningful fiscal policy that will get Alaska’s economy on track and ensure more Alaskans have the opportunity to achieve their American Dream.

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