Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Three Candidates for Kentucky General Assembly

Louisville, Ky. – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its endorsement of three policy champions for the Kentucky General Assembly: Senator Damon Thayer for Senate District 17, Senator Chris McDaniel for Senate District 23, and Daniel Fister for the open House District 56 seat. AFP Action will be supporting these candidates through a variety of tactics, including digital advertisements, direct mail, and grassroots canvassing.

AFP Action sets a high bar for political endorsements, supporting candidates that have indicated leadership in tackling the greatest challenges Kentuckians face.

“Our activists are proud to throw their support behind these principled leaders that have demonstrated a fierce commitment to expanding opportunity for all Kentuckians,” said AFP Action Senior Advisor Michael Conway. “These policy champions are committed to helping our economy, small businesses, and families get back on their feet, and ensuring our students have the foundation for a successful future. We are confident that Senator Damon Thayer, Senator Chris McDaniel, and Daniel Fister will help move Kentucky forward and ensure opportunity is readily available across our great state.”

Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer has long been a principled voice for Kentuckians in the 17th Senate District. He’s been a leader on bringing criminal justice reform to Kentucky, protecting constitutional freedoms, and reducing taxes for Kentuckians.

Senator Chris McDaniel has demonstrated a fierce commitment to making it easier for Kentuckians to improve their lives. As Senator of the 23rd district, he’s fought for responsible approaches to reform the state pension system, fewer taxes and regulations on Kentucky’s families and businesses, and more educational opportunities for our students.

Daniel Fister has long been a leading citizen voice for policies that will drive a stronger economy in Kentucky. As candidate for House District 56, Daniel Fister will fight for jobs by creating opportunities in our communities, support small businesses by promoting investment in the district, and will advocate for responsible fiscal policy by supporting spending caps and lower taxes.