Americans for Prosperity Action Announces Second Wave of State Legislative Endorsements in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, FL—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its support for three additional state legislative candidates ahead of November’s elections: Bob Cortes for House District 30, Tom Fabricio for House District 103, and Fiona McFarland for House District 72. These newly endorsed candidates bring AFP Action’s total engagement in Florida’s state legislative races to 26 districts.  


Each candidate earned the support of AFP Action for their dedication to championing principled policy solutions to the greatest challenges Floridians face.


AFP Action Senior Advisor Skylar Zander issued the following statement:


“We’re pleased to support three more exceptional candidates running for the Florida House of Representatives. By supporting educational opportunity for all Florida students, creating an environment that promotes our economic recovery and growth, and ensuring more Floridians have access to quality, affordable health care, these individuals will be a tremendous asset to our state legislature if elected this November. Our activists look forward to hitting the ground running to elect Bob Cortes, Tom Fabricio, and Fiona McFarland this year.”  


Bob Cortes (HD-30): As a former member of the Florida House of Representatives, AFP Action looks forward to seeing Bob Cortes’s leadership and principled support of policy return to Tallahassee. If elected, Cortes will support educational freedom that allows Florida’s students to learn in an environment that meets their needs, better health care at a price families can afford, and policies that make it easier for our economy to recover stronger than before.  


Tom Fabricio (HD-103):  AFP Action looks forward to supporting candidate Tom Fabricio as he seeks to represent the constituents of House District 103. If elected, Fabricio will support expanding educational opportunities, so all of Florida’s students have the chance to learn and succeed. Fabricio will also support policies that champion greater access to better quality health care and economic opportunity, to help Floridians provide for their families and rebuild our economy.


Fiona McFarland (HD-72): As a military veteran, Fiona McFarland isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in—even in the face of adversity. AFP Action is proud to support McFarland for House District 72, as a candidate that has shown she isn’t afraid to break through partisanship to ensure results for Floridians. If elected, McFarland will lead to ensure greater access to quality health care that Florida families can afford, less red tape and lower taxes to help our economy get back on track, and educational freedom for Florida students to succeed.




AFP Action announced its first wave of state legislative endorsements in July.