Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Rep. Steve Chabot

Press Release

CINCINNATI, OH—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action)  today announced its endorsement of Rep. Steve Chabot’s re-election to Ohio’s 1st Congressional District. Rep. Chabot has lead on policies that improve the lives of all Ohioans, such as expanding access to quality, affordable health care, lowering the tax burden so Ohioans can keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, and fighting against protectionist trade policies that stifle our economy.  The organization will lean on a wide range of tactics to lend their support to Rep. Chabot’s re-election.

In a memo to interested parties, AFP Action Senior Advisor Micah Derry issued the following:

“As a son of Appalachia, I have always held the deepest respect for leaders that emerged from humble beginnings– even more so for a leader that never tires fighting for their people and stay true to their beginning. As a man who was born into a trailer park and has risen to a position of leadership in congress, Steve. Chabot is such a leader worthy of our support.”