Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Governor DeSantis

Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) announced its support for the re-election of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

With today’s endorsement, AFP Action will leverage the country’s largest and most effective grassroots outreach and mobilization capability to educate and turn out voters to support Gov. DeSantis’ election.

“Gov. DeSantis has been a champion for Floridians through difficult and challenging times, and he has succeeded with his economic freedom-oriented approach,” said AFP Action Senior Advisor Skylar Zander. “His support for policies—from reducing spending to expanding school choice—have caught the attention of people across the country who want to live in a state where the government respects and empowers its people.”

“AFP Action volunteers across the state are ready to turn out to support his reelection,” said Zander.

During the 2020 election cycle, AFP Action supported candidates nationwide with more than 8.5 million telephone calls, 1.5 million door knocks, and more than 49 million pieces of mail. AFP Action has unmatched direct voter outreach capability supported by a world-class data operation.

AFP Action is a 527 political action committee focused on electing candidates who will drive policy change and facilitate the building of broad policy coalitions that remove barriers to opportunity and help people improve their lives. The organization has a strong, permanent grassroots presence, including highly motivated activists who volunteer during the election season by making telephone calls and knocking on doors in support of policy champions.



Gov. DeSantis earned AFP Action’s endorsement because he has been a champion of Florida taxpayers and people living on fixed incomes who are watching helplessly as their hard-earned paychecks and life savings are ravaged by inflation. The governor has continuously demonstrated concern for taxpayers by vetoing more than $1 billion in projects in 2021 that wouldn’t benefit all Floridians. He also ended recurring projects in the budget that were clear cronyism or irresponsible.

Gov. DeSantis moved $5 billion of Florida’s federal COVID funds to Florida’s reserves, unlike other spendthrift states recovering much slower than Florida. His work in health care, such as eliminating certificate of need, has expanded Florida residents’ access and quality of care.

A leader on expanding education opportunities, Gov. DeSantis supported creating the Florida Empowerment Scholarship program and subsequently expanded it so more students can access the education environment that’s right for them.