AFP Action to Church: Prevailing Wage and Davis-Bacon Are Bad for Wisconsin

MADISON, WI—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today issued a statement regarding candidate for Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District Jason Church to reconsider his recent policy position reversal regarding the Davis-Bacon Act and other job-killing labor mandates. AFP Action-endorsed candidate Sen. Tom Tiffany because of his support for policies that spur economic growth, promote small businesses, and make life more affordable for Wisconsin families.  


AFP Action Senior Advisor Eric Bott issued the following statement:


“The antiquated Davis-Bacon Act and similar crony policies do little more than promote government favoritism and encourage the construction of lower quality infrastructure projects at higher costs. While his support for these policies is still fresh, Jason Church should acknowledge that they make life harder for Wisconsin’s small businesses and families and reconsider his position immediately. A marketplace free of government favoritism is fairer, increases competition, lowers prices, and a sets Wisconsin’s economy on a more positive direction.”


Bott added:


“AFP Action enthusiastically supports Sen. Tom Tiffany in his bid for Congress as he continues to advocate for policies that alleviate the regulatory and tax burdens on families and small businesses.”




In an award winning 2015 study, the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance estimated that the repeal of Wisconsin’s state prevailing wage law on vertical construction alone save taxpayers as much as $299 million per year.  

In October, AFP Action issued a statement and released a memo announcing support for Sen. Tom Tiffany due to his track record of principled leadership on key issues that enable Wisconsinites to achieve their American Dream. 

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