AFP-Action Announces Full Backing of Representative Ted Budd’s Senate Bid

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP-Action) on Monday announced its support for Rep. Ted Budd’s (R-NC) Senate bid.

The three-term congressman earned AFP-Action’s endorsement for his consistent leadership and voting record on controlling government spending, curbing harmful regulations, and supporting health care policies that increase access and lower costs.

AFP-Action North Carolina Senior Advisor Director Chris McCoy gave a glowing endorsement following the announcement:

“Rep. Budd has been a consistent champion on the issues that matter most to North Carolinians: reducing inflation by addressing government spending, expanding economic opportunities by reducing and reforming unnecessary regulations, and implementing health care reforms that give every American access to a personal health care option.

“He has been a reliable voice for North Carolinians in the House of Representatives, and we look forward to mobilizing our grassroots to expand his leadership to the U.S. Senate. Rep. Budd has consistently and creatively used his position to advance reforms. From introducing a bill to solidify COVID telehealth expansions to voting down the wasteful government spending bills that come his way, he has shown that he works to promote policies that are in the best interest of the American people.”

Over the next several months, AFP Action will mobilize its best-in-the-nation network of grassroots volunteers to knock doors, place calls, and hold community events across the Tarheel State to support Budd’s U.S. Senate candidacy.

The endorsement comes off last Tuesday’s primary, which Budd won with a commanding 58 percent of the vote.


Since taking office in 2016, Rep. Budd has worked to advance a smaller, more accountable federal government on behalf of the people of North Carolina. Budd has coupled his position on the Financial Services Committee with his past experience in business to highlight how burdensome regulations hobble the economy and strangle markets. A reliable voice for fiscal responsibility, Rep. Budd routinely votes against irresponsible spending packages, especially when those packages include misguided environmental and energy policies like carbon taxes. AFP Action looks forward to having his voice in the U.S. Senate.