Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Mike Flood in Special Election

Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Mike Flood in Special Election

LINCOLN, Neb. – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its support for State Sen. Mike Flood in his bid to represent Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District. The group will leverage its unmatched grassroots mobilization and outreach to support Flood in the special election on June 28.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Jessica Shelburn issued the following statement:

“Mike Flood will champion policies to fight inflation, keep more money in our pockets, and grow our economy and create more opportunities for Nebraska workers. Flood has shown he’s a principled leader in the Nebraska State Legislature and his track record of standing up for the taxpayer proves he’s the right choice to represent Nebraskans in Washington. Our activists are excited and ready to hit the ground running to support Mike Flood in his general election bid.”

During the 2020 election cycle, AFP Action supported candidates nationwide with more than 8.5 million telephone calls, 1.5 million door knocks, and more than 49 million pieces of mail. AFP Action has unmatched direct voter outreach capability supported by a world-class data operation.

AFP Action is a 527 political action committee focused on electing candidates who will drive policy change and facilitate the building of broad policy coalitions that remove barriers to opportunity and help people improve their lives. The organization has a strong, permanent grassroots presence, including highly motivated activists who volunteer during the election season by making telephone calls and knocking on doors in support of policy champions.


State Sen. Mike Flood has been a consistent leader and advocate for the Nebraska taxpayer and economy. As a businessman, Flood understands the importance of creating more jobs and increasing opportunity across the state and will fight to keep government out of the way to put Nebraska on the path of greater innovation and economic growth. In office, Flood will take on Washington to stop inflation by ending the wasteful spending that fuels it, and lower taxes to help Nebraska families and main street business thrive.