Tim Phillips roadshow inspires activists, motivates voters

Americans for Prosperity Action Senior Advisor Tim Phillips has been on a national tour over the past few weeks, visiting with activists and voters in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas in support of policy champions.

Those champions include Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District, Georgia Senator David Perdue, Texas Senator John Cornyn, and North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis.

While Election Day is still nearly eight months away, it’s never too early for AFP Action activists to get into the field to push the reelection of policy champions.

Phillips said Perry’s “voting record has been good across the board on issues we care deeply about. So, for us, it was a no-brainer to start early.”

In an email to activists, Phillips noted that Texas has added 1.93 million new voters to its rolls since Cornyn was last on the ballot, and also pointed to a Gallup poll showing 45 percent of voters consider themselves independent.

“Add all that up and it means that an operation like ours — Americans for Prosperity Action — is the best positioned group in the country to reach these voters who don’t align with a party,” he wrote. “And that’s why I’m down here with our team, joining their grassroots work — the one-on-one voter contact which is so critical to getting John Cornyn re-elected.”

Phillips’ roadshow will take him to a host of other states — and into the offices and living rooms of thousands of more activists and voters — as the 2020 election unfolds.

“It’s a big year — and we are all in.”