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of America

Winning in 2024

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You have an opportunity to
change the course of America.

As much as 71% of America now believes we’re on the wrong track. This ought to point to a decisive win, and yet there is tremendous risk of candidates diametrically opposed to our values winning in 2024.

Here’s why:

  • The Republican Party is nominating many flawed candidates who — as we’ve seen before — lack the ability to win in the general election.

  • The Democratic Party is seizing on this opportunity — and responding with even more extreme policies that limit freedom and stifle American innovation.

If the candidates who can change America’s course fail to win in 2024, we risk even greater decline as a nation. That’s why this unprecedented Early Primary strategy is so vital.

We must begin NOW to:

  • Identify strong candidates who can win not just in primaries, but also in the general election. 
  • Identify and persuade millions of new voters to turn out for the primaries, so the best candidates win. 
  • Make sure the best candidates win on Election Day 2024.

It is imperative we elect better candidates who will WIN in 2024 and enact policies that empower people to improve their lives.

The Reality

Our sitting president has a 31% approval rating in our internal tracking polling. There’s no reason why any president, of any party, should ever be reelected with a 31% approval rating.

The Opportunity

The best way to win in 2024 is to learn from the mistakes that have doomed past election efforts. More and more people now define themselves as Independent (41%), rather than Republican (28%) or Democrat (28%). However, as long as only a narrow group vote in the primaries (14%), we can’t expect to see the change the country needs.

There’s no reason why any president, of any party, should ever be reelected with a


approval rating.

Lessons Learned

One of the most important lessons Americans for Prosperity Action learned in 2022 was that voters want better candidates. In order to get better candidates, we must: a) get involved in elections earlier than ever and, b) engage thousands more voters in the primaries.

When we get involved early, we win. In 2022, 82% of candidates backed by AFP or AFP Action won in the general election in November … but only when we had engaged in the primary to make sure the best candidate emerged. When we were NOT engaged at the primary level, our win percentage dropped to 64%.


won general with early 

primary support





with post-primary support

Activating the plan

Applying time-tested, proven capabilities now to WIN

  1. Engage new primary voters now. If we wait, we lose.
  2. Double efforts to engage the Latino community early.
  3. Start NOW to win.
  4. Solve the early-voting gap.
  5. Enlist visionary supporters like you.

Key states in the 2024 cycle

Key states
and AFP
line up
nearly 1:1