Grassroots Makes the Difference in North Carolina Elections

In June 2019, the Americans for Prosperity Action team kicked off its initial support of Sen. Thom Tillis’ reelection. Since that point, the entire world and political landscape has changed dramatically.

But the dedication and hard work of AFP Action staff and activists remained constant.

AFP Action consistently beat the drum on phones, doors, and digital advertisements starting in January.

Driven by the energy of its volunteers, AFP Action returned to the doors in June to a nearly empty field.

In a state seeing money up and down the ballot by both major political parties and countless outside groups, AFP Action was the largest player in the grassroots game.

And that’s what made the difference.

Culminating in more than 6 million voter contacts across the Tar Heel State through phones and doors, Sen. Tillis led by more than 94,000 votes.

AFP Action’s highly targeted and consistent drum beat on doors in South Charlotte and the Triangle resulted in Sen. Tillis outpacing the rest of the ticket in the areas that decided the election.

Churning up turnout in Forsyth and Guilford counties helped provide a cushion for Tillis’s lead.

Now, Sen. Tillis is headed back to Washington to champion principled policy solutions for North Carolina families.

Joining him in their returns to Washington, AFP Action policy champions Rep. Ted Budd (NC-13) and Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09) were both successfully reelected.

Heading to Raleigh, AFP Action’s efforts helped eight state legislative candidates — first-time candidates and seasoned legislators — win their tight races.

AFP Action was proud to support the following newly elected and reelected candidates:

  • Warren Daniel (SD-46)
  • Michael Lee (SD-09)
  • Danny Britt, Jr. (SD-13)
  • Tom McInnis (SD-25)
  • Ed Goodwin (HD-01)
  • Jon Hardister (HD-59)
  • John Szoka (HD-45)
  • John Bradford (HD-98)

Layering citizen-to-citizen contact, AFP Action supported each of these principled candidates through digital advertisements and direct mail.

But, ultimately, what stood apart was substantive, policy focused conversations with the key decision-makers in these races. Face-to-face and on the phone, undecided voters had the opportunity to talk about the true impacts legislators would have on their lives.

AFP Action thanks the hard work of its activists across North Carolina and congratulates these newly elected and reelected policy champions.