Americans for Prosperity Action made the difference in two critical House elections

Americans for Prosperity Action endorsed two policy champions for Congress in early May, state Representatives Ashley Hinson of Iowa and Nancy Mace of South Carolina.

Now, through the efforts of activists, Congress will welcome these two new principled lawmakers committed to expanding opportunity for all Americans.

“On issue after issue, Rep. Ashley Hinson has been willing to work with anyone to find solutions that benefit all Iowans,” wrote Senior Advisor Drew Klein in his endorsement op-ed. “And then she has championed those solutions.”

Mace was similarly lauded as a candidate who would be a policy champion from her seat in Congress.

“Nancy Mace has been a barrier breaker since she was the first female graduate from the Citadel to her time in the state legislature,” Senior Advisor Andrew Yates wrote in his endorsement of the candidate.

Both Hinson and Mace won their races to represent the 1st Districts of their states. But it wasn’t an easy fight. The two candidates were up against incumbents, who had two years to build name recognition among voters for these high profile races.

Hinson and Mace would have to fight uphill battles to talk to voters about their policies and establish names for themselves in their districts. They would also have to convince voters that they were better fit for the job.

The polls predicted incumbent Abby Finkenauer would triumph over Hinson with a comfortable lead.

Mace was also projected to lose to incumbent Joe Cunningham.

Nevertheless, both challengers defeated their incumbent opponents by just a few thousand votes — in elections in which nearly 1 million people voted.

What made the difference? In part, Americans for Prosperity Action’s dedication to sending policy champions to Congress, backed by the passion of countless staff and activists.

Activists in Iowa educated undecided voters on key policy positions for which Hinson stands, such as lowering taxes on hardworking Americans, cutting unnecessary red tape on job creators, and reducing barriers that keep people from working in their chosen professions.

South Carolina volunteers spoke to prospective voters about Mace’s support for criminal justice reform and reducing burdensome red tape that prevents people from accessing quality, affordable health care.

These activists made hundreds of thousands of phone calls, knocked on tens of thousands of doors, and sent over 100,000 texts.

In addition to these outreach efforts, Americans for Prosperity Action supported the candidates through digital advertisements and direct mail. Now, on January 3, both Hinson and Mace will join their colleagues in the 117th Congress.

Both have demonstrated from their time as state lawmakers that they have what it takes to bring better policy to Washington.