Grassroots Activities in Full Gear for Erik Paulsen

BURNSVILLE, MN – Americans for Prosperity Action® today recapped its full set of grassroots activities in support of Representative Erik Paulsen (MN-3). AFP Action activists kicked off our door to door efforts this weekend and knocked on hundreds of doors urging people to vote for Erik Paulsen.

Over the past week, AFP Action contacted over 20,000 CD-03 households via phone touting Erik Paulsen’s record for protecting taxpayers and standing up for Minnesotans. Previously, Americans for Prosperity sent nearly 100,000 postcards across the district urging Minnesotans to support Erik Paulsen. AFP Action is preparing to send a series of direct mail pieces to highlight and contrast Erik Paulsen’s record with his opponent, Dean Phillips.

View an example door hanger here.

AFP Action Senior Adviser Jason Flohrs issued the following statement:

“For too long, our burdensome and rigged tax code stifled growth and weakened our economy, causing many Minnesotans to struggle just to get by. Since Erik Paulsen been in office, he has worked to turn our economy around, get government out of the way, and provide more opportunity for Minnesotans to achieve their American dream.

“From his leadership in passing the historic tax relief package that has ignited our economy to standing up against harmful tariffs, Erik Paulsen has shown he is determined to improve Minnesotans’ economic situation. Our grassroots activists are busy hitting the doors and phones and encouraging voters to vote to continue our economic success and vote for Erik Paulsen.”


In just seven months after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was enacted, over 1.5 million jobs have been created and claims for unemployment benefits are at their lowest level since 1969. Minnesota companies of all sizes have reaped the benefits of tax reform and announced base wage increases, bonuses, and millions in charitable contributions that positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans and their families.

  • U.S. Bancorp announced $1,000 bonuses for 60,000 employees; a base wage increase to $15 per hour; and $150 million for charitable contributions.
  • TCF Financial announced $1,000 bonuses for full-time employees, $500 bonuses for part-time employees, and a $5 million donation to their charitable foundation.
  • Best Buy announced over 100,000 employees will receive a bonus, with full-time employees receiving a $1,000 bonus and part-time employees receiving a $500 bonus.
  • Data Sales Co., Inc. announced all of their employees will receive a $1,000 bonus.
  • Ecolab announced it will make a $25 million contribution to its charitable foundation.

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Paulsen opposed the detrimental border adjustment tax.

Paulsen has been a proponent of free and open trade.

Paulsen has been an advocate for a permanent, legislative fix to DACA.

  • “Last week, however, Paulsen offered his support to something that Speaker Paul Ryan wishes would just go away: the push to secure a lasting solution for the young, undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers, whose legal status in the U.S. was terminated by President Donald Trump last September.” (Sam Brodey, “Rep. Erik Paulsen is the picture of a loyal Republican in the House. So why has he joined the revolt on immigration policy?” Minnesota Post, 5/30/18)