Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Shane Hernandez for Michigan’s 10th Congressional District

LANSING, Mich. – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) announced its endorsement of Shane Hernandez’s election to Michigan’s 10th Congressional District. Hernandez earned AFP Action’s support for his work in the Michigan State House to rein in out of control government spending, combat taxpayer-funded corporate handouts, and make sure families keep more of what they earn.  As an organization, AFP Action is dedicated to supporting candidates who demonstrate leadership on key policies that will improve people’s lives.

In a memo to interested parties, AFP Action Senior Advisor Annie Patnaude expanded on the endorsement:

“During his 4-year tenure in the Michigan State House, Shane Hernandez has proven his mettle as a thoughtful, principled leader determined to change the status quo in Lansing in order to ensure Michigan is a place in which everyone can achieve their potential.

Our state, and our nation, will have to tackle major economic and budget issues in the coming months. Michigan cannot afford to elect anyone who doesn’t have serious grit—and experience deploying it. Shane Hernandez is a proven leader who is tough enough to stand on principle whether he’s dealing with his adversaries or his friends. He represents an opportunity to bring change to Washington that the 10th Congressional District cannot afford to miss.”