Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Senator Thom Tillis 

Press Release

RALEIGH, NC— Americans for Prosperity Action® today announced its endorsement of Senator Thom Tillis’ re-election. AFP Action is throwing the full weight of its grassroots support behind Sen. Tillis for the important policies he’s supported during his term in the United States Senate and the policies North Carolinians can continue to rely on him to lead on.

In a memo released to interested parties today, AFP Action Senior Advisor Chris McCoy issued the following:

“Throughout his career, from speaker of the state House in Raleigh to the U.S. Senate, Thom Tillis has championed the cause of removing obstacles preventing North Carolinians from fulfilling their potential… Thom Tillis doesn’t sit on the sidelines. He gets in the game and puts partisanship aside by working with anyone to get good things done. In 2020, we should vote to keep that going, and that means voting to reelect Thom Tillis.”


For more on Senator Tillis’ background and achievements for all North Carolinians, view the AFP Action interested parties memo available here.

For further information or to set up an interview, reach Nicole Tardif at