Americans for Prosperity Action Announces Endorsement for IN-06  

Indianapolis, IN – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action), today, announced its endorsement of Mike Speedy for the District 06 House of Representatives seat.  

AFP Action Senior Advisor for Indiana, Josh Webb, released the following statement:     

“We are excited to announce our endorsement of Mike Speedy for U.S. Congress. As a responsible and pragmatic lawmaker at the state level, Speedy has consistently advocated for initiatives aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of his constituents.   

“At a time when inflation is at its highest, his unwavering dedication to ensuring fiscal responsibility, including cosponsoring legislation to cut taxes and supporting spending cuts, underscores his commitment to creating an economy conducive to innovation and prosperity for all Hoosiers. Furthermore, Speedy places a high priority keeping markets free and fair for American workers and consumers. He has also demonstrated a positive vision for immigration reform, focusing on border security to ensure the safety of all Americans.   

“AFP Action recognizes the significance of endorsing candidates who align with our vision of a society where individuals can thrive and succeed. Mike Speedy embodies these values, and we are confident that his ongoing service will contribute to the advancement of policies that empower all residents of Indiana and promote economic growth nationwide.”  


AFP Action has acquired the data from outreach to more than 8 million people to bring new voters into the primary process and ensure we elect better candidates. Those insights will direct the activities of the largest grassroots operation in the country that is ready to knock on doors to bring voters to the polls and win support for Mike Speedy. AFP Action invests extensively in mail, digital, and connected-television campaigns to lay the foundation for the one-on-one conversations by grassroots advocates that are often the difference-maker in any close race. 

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