Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Congressman Andy Ogles  


Nashville, TN – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action), today, announced its endorsement of Andy Ogles for reelection for Congressional District 05.  

Tori Venable, AFP Action Senior Advisor for Tennessee, released the following statement:     

“We are thrilled to endorse Congressman Andy Ogles for reelection in U.S. Congress. As a proven principled conservative, Ogles has done exactly what he said he would do when he ran for Congress: stand up for Tennessee against overreaching government bureaucrats, fight to stop out-of-control spending, and hold those accountable for failing to uphold the Constitution and secure our borders. 

“Supporting major tax cuts and vital labor reforms, Rep. Ogles has a proven track record fighting for smaller government. As he continues to fight to bring fiscal responsibility back to Washington, AFP Action looks forward to putting the full weight of our grassroots support behind him and seeing him reelected in November.”