Americans for Prosperity Action Applauds Illinoisans for Rejecting So-Called “Fair Tax”

Following voters’ rejection of the ballot measure to change Illinois’s constitutionally protected flat income tax to a graduated one, Americans for Prosperity Action Senior Advisor Andrew Nelms issued the following statement:   

“Illinoisans sent a message to Springfield politicians today: No more tax hikes. Politicians promised that if this so-called “fair tax” passed, only the wealthy few would see their taxes go up. But after years of broken promises and tax hike after tax hike, Illinoisans know better. We are hopeful that the rejection of this measure, which would exacerbate the issues plaguing our state, is a wake-up call to our elected officials.”

Americans for Prosperity Action ran a robust grassroots effort mobilizing Illinoisans across the state to encouraging friends and neighbors to vote against the so-called “fair tax.” Activists made and sent nearly 1.5 million calls and text messages throughout the campaign season.