Americans for Prosperity Action Announces Support for Stand-Out Candidates Vying for the U.S. House of Representatives

ARLINGTON, VA—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its support for several candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives. These candidates, if elected and re-elected, will champion policy reforms that help our economy rebuild and come back stronger than before, among tackling other pivotal challenges. AFP Action supports candidates that show active leadership in building broad-based coalitions and driving principled reforms.

AFP Action is endorsing five candidates that will work to achieve those goals if elected: Peter Meijer (MI-03), Dan Rodimer (NV-03), Rich McCormick (GA-07), Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09), and Matt Rosendale (MT-AL.) AFP Action will leverage a wide-range of tactics, including its signature grassroots engagement, to urge voters to support these candidates in November’s general elections.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tim Phillips issued the following statement:

“Now more than ever before, voters across the country are looking for leaders that will ensure they can provide for their families, access affordable and quality health care when they need it, and most importantly, can get their lives back to normal. We are excited to throw our full support behind five exceptional candidates that—if elected to Congress—will legislate with those key priorities in mind. Our activists are excited to get to work in their communities and talk to voters ahead of November.”

Dan Rodimer (NV-03)

In the ring or out in Nevada’s communities, Dan Rodimer has proven himself a strong and principled fighter. If elected to Congress, Rodimer will champion policies that help Nevada’s economy rebuild stronger than before. By reducing red tape and lowering taxes, Rodimer will help pave the way for a better Nevada for generations to come. Rodimer will also fight for educational opportunity, so all students have a chance to succeed, and better health care, that families can afford. Due to the principles he stands strong for, Dan Rodimer has earned AFP Action’s support.

Peter Meijer (MI-03)

As a proud fourth generation West Michigander, Peter Meijer knows what matters most to the constituents of Michigan’s 3rd congressional district. If elected to Congress, Meijer will champion greater access to quality, affordable health care, support educational opportunity for all students, and reduce red tape and taxes to help our economy recover—stronger than before. As a veteran, Meijer will also provide a voice for those who have served our nation and protected our freedoms. It is clear that Peter Meijer will champion policies that improve the lives of all Michiganders in Washington.

Matt Rosendale (MT-AL)

State Auditor Matt Rosendale is a proven leader who will fight for the freedoms of all Montanans if elected to Congress. In both the State Senate and as State Auditor, Rosendale showed principled leadership in reducing red tape, reining in wasteful spending, and ensuring more Montanans could access affordable health care. In Congress, Rosendale will continue his record of ensuring freedom for all Montanans and help build a stronger state for generations to come. By championing freedom in health care, Rosendale will ensure Montanans have more options to health care that meets their needs and allows them to keep their trusted doctors. In reducing red tape, reining in spending, and lowering taxes, Montanans will have more freedom to choose how they spend their hard-earned paychecks and provide for their families. As a proven leader fighting for Montanans’ freedoms, AFP Action is proud to support Matt Rosendale for Congress.

Rich McCormick (GA-07)

An emergency medical physician and Marine Corps pilot, Dr. Rich McCormick will bring a wealth of knowledge and leadership to Washington. Through his professional experiences, Dr. McCormick has seen first-hand the need to reform both the VA and health care in this country. If elected, McCormick will champion greater access to quality health care for Georgia families. He will also work hard to ensure Georgia’s jobs, businesses, and economy recover stronger than before through reducing red tape and lowering taxes. AFP Action looks forward to supporting Dr. Rich McCormick for Congress, as he will lead Georgia forward.

Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09)

Congressman Dan Bishop puts North Carolina families first in Washington. As a former state legislator and a current member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Bishop has quickly amassed a principled record of tackling the greatest challenges North Carolinians face. Through supporting greater access to quality health care that families can afford or championing policies that make it easier for our economy to recover, Rep. Bishop’s record shows his legislative priorities revolve around what’s most important to his constituents. Rep. Dan Bishop has earned the support of AFP Action for his North Carolina first priorities that champion better health care and our economic recovery.