Americans for Prosperity Action Announces New Endorsements in 2024 House Races

Arlington, VA – Today, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) announced a new wave of endorsements across key races for the U.S. House of Representatives.

AFP Action will support former Ohio State Representative Craig Riedel (OH-09), Pennsylvania State Representative Ryan Mackenzie (PA-07), former Michigan State Senator Tom Barrett (MI-07), West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore (WV-02), and Pennsylvania State Representative Rob Mercuri (PA-17) for seats in the U.S. Congress.

The early endorsements signal AFP Action’s willingness to back these candidates in primaries to ensure that voters have quality choices on the ballot in the 2024 general election.

AFP Action Director Nathan Nascimento said:

“Electing strong candidates to Congress is critical to advancing good policies that will improve the lives of all Americans. AFP Action is mobilizing our grassroots network from coast to coast to help the strongest candidates win their 2024 primaries – and go on to win in the general election. AFP Action is proud to back these policy champions in their House races to help provide the new leadership and fresh ideas our country needs to move forward.”

AFP Action is getting involved in the upcoming election cycle earlier than ever to elect better candidates who are strong advocates for policies that will improve the lives of all Americans. AFP Action announced its first wave of U.S. House endorsements and U.S. Senate endorsements this summer.

To date this year, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has already reached out to 4.3 million potential Republican primary voters in key battleground states to understand what issues matter most to them and what they are looking for in candidates for state and federal office next year. AFP Action will acquire this data to bring new voters into the primary process.

In 2022, AFP and AFP Action engaged in 457 races, knocking on more than 7 million doors, delivering over 100 million pieces of mail, and reaching millions more voters through phone and email.

Background on AFP Action Endorsed Candidates:

Craig Riedel (OH-09) 

Former State Representative Riedel is a champion of financial stewardship, supporting income tax reductions, opposing the gas tax, and supporting transparency and oversight in property taxes. In addition to his proven fiscal work, his fight for the expansion of educational opportunities demonstrates that his leadership is necessary to amplify freedom and opportunity for all Ohioans.  

Ryan Mackenzie (PA-07)

As Republican Chair of the House Labor and Industry Committee, State Rep. Mackenzie has fought back against job-killing legislation and threats to small businesses while championing worker freedom and job creators when it comes to regulatory reform, taxes, and health care. In his eleven years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, he’s been a reliable steward of taxpayer dollars and regularly champions legislation that would put important guardrails on government spending. Last year, Mackenzie was one of only 13 state representatives to earn an “A” on Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania’s annual voting scorecard.

Tom Barrett (MI-07)

As a former state senator, Tom Barrett championed Michigan taxpayers and worked hard for those seeking upward mobility. He has a record for voting for commonsense policies that control government spending, promote economic growth, and create opportunities for new and better-paying jobs. He’s also worked to eliminate government rules and regulations that impose unnecessary burdens on the businesses that provide jobs and contribute to their communities.

Riley Moore (WV-02)

State Treasurer Riley Moore is committed to fighting for common-sense solutions to create opportunity for all Americans. His advocacy for energy independence, as well as his leadership on behalf of individual choice and freedom, have proven that he will boldly advocate for policies that will improve the lives of West Virginians.

Rob Mercuri (PA-17)

State Representative Rob Mercuri has applied his knowledge of banking and finance to champion important regulatory and fiscal causes in Harrisburg. As soon as he was sworn into office he made every vote count by voting for reduced government spending, simpler tax codes, and more abundant domestic energy production.