Americans for Prosperity Action Announces First Wave of Endorsements in 2024 U.S. Senate Races

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its first wave of endorsements and encouragement of potential candidates to run for U.S. Senate in 2024. AFP Action is getting involved in the upcoming election cycle earlier than ever to elect better candidates who are strong advocates for policies that will improve the lives of all Americans.

AFP Action announced its support for U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts of Nebraska, Retired U.S. Army Captain Sam Brown of Nevada, and Dave McCormick of Pennsylvania to run for U.S. Senate in the 2024 election.

Nathan Nascimento, AFP Action Director, said:

“The last three election cycles have made it clear that if we want better policies from Washington, we need better candidates who can lead our country forward. AFP Action is prepared for an unprecedented election cycle engagement in 2024. We’ll be engaging in more primaries at every level of office and using our unmatched data capabilities to bring new voters into the political process. We are ready to deploy the strongest and most effective grassroots army in the country to change the outcome of critical races and elect champions for policies that will empower Americans.”

To date this year, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has reached out to 1.4 million potential new primary Republican and swing voters in the states of AR, AZ, IA, MI, NC, NH, NV, OH, PA, SC, and TN to identify what issues matter most through door knocks and phone calls. AFP Action will acquire this data to bring new voters into the primary process and ensure that we elect better candidates.

In 2022, AFP and AFP Action engaged in 457 races, knocking on more than 7 million doors, delivering over 100 million pieces of mail, and reaching millions more voters through phone and email. 

AFP Action announced its first wave of endorsements in U.S. House races earlier this month.

Background on AFP Action Endorsed Candidates:

U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts (Nebraska)

Pete Ricketts has a long track record of supporting Americans’ freedom to live their American Dream. He believes in keeping the size and cost of government down so that taxpayers can keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. On both health care and energy—two areas that continue to get more and more expensive—Ricketts believes in getting government out of the way to allow for more innovative solutions to bring costs down and offer more choices to Americans.

Retired U.S. Army Captain Sam Brown (Nevada)

Sam Brown has committed to advancing American energy abundance and economic prosperity when elected to the Senate. As a Purple Heart recipient for his service in the U.S. Army, coupled with his ongoing efforts to enhance veterans’ access to top-notch healthcare, Brown promises to be a prominent and leading advocate for veterans’ issues.

Dave McCormick (Pennsylvania)

Dave McCormick’s commitment to unleashing innovation and returning Washington to sound fiscal policy is exactly what’s needed in Washington. His business background and financial sense is complemented by an understanding that getting government out of the way—from everything from education to regulation–is crucial to empowering every American to live their American Dream.

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