AFP-Action Signals Early Support for Dave McCormick Against Bob Casey for U.S. Senate

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP-Action) today announced its first wave of endorsements for U.S. Senate today.

Among the first wave was Dave McCormick, former Treasury Under Secretary for President George W. Bush. While McCormick has not announced his candidacy for Senate, AFP-Action announced early support for McCormick and signaled that its army of grassroots activists would be ready to support him should he launch a bid against Sen. Bob Casey Jr.

AFP-Action Senior Advisor Ashley Klingensmith gave the following statement after the endorsements were announced:

“Pennsylvania cannot have another term of Bob Casey rubber-stamping Biden’s big-government agenda. Pennsylvanians have seen enough from Casey to know that he’s not going to stand up to the status quo. They’ve have had enough of record-breaking spending, redistribution, and constraining regulation from Washington—and they’re the ones paying the price.

“That’s why we’re sending out the signal and encouraging Dave McCormick to enter this race and give the Keystone State the representation it needs in Washington.

“Should McCormick choose to run, he will have the backing and enthusiasm of our grassroots who are ready to send him to Washington.”

AFP-Action Director Nathan Nascimento also said, “This is an example of AFP Action getting involved earlier in the election cycle. We’re identifying strong candidates who have the qualities and principles we want to see representing Americans in Washington. Dave McCormick is one of those candidates.”


To date this year, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has reached out to 1.4 million potential new primary Republican and swing voters in the states of AR, AZ, IA, MI, NC, NH, NV, OH, PA, SC, and TN to find what issues matter most through door knocks and phone calls. AFP Action will acquire this data to bring new voters into the primary process and ensure that we elect better candidates. 

In 2022, AFP and AFP Action engaged in 457 races, knocking on more than 7 million doors, delivering over 100 million pieces of mail, and reaching millions more voters through phone and email.