Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) Endorses Steve Chabot for the U.S. House of Representatives

COLUMBUS, O.H. – Americans for Prosperity Action Ohio (AFP Action OH) announced today its endorsement of U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot’s re-election to Ohio’s 1st Congressional District.

AFP Action will leverage a wide range of tactics, including the country’s largest grassroots outreach and mobilization, a full-time dedicated staff, and trained volunteers to educate and mobilize voters to support Rep. Chabot’s campaign.

“AFP Action has endorsed Congressman Steve Chabot during his previous campaigns and we’re proud to support him once again,” said AFP Action Ohio Senior Advisor Donovan O’Neil. “Congressman Chabot has worked to protect Ohio taxpayers through lower taxes and responsible government spending. We are confident that he will continue working in Washington to put the interest of the taxpayers ahead of the special interests.”

During the 2020 election cycle, AFP Action supported candidates nationwide with more than 8.5 million telephone calls, 1.5 million door knocks, and more than 49 million pieces of mail. AFP Action has unmatched direct voter outreach capability that is supported by a world-class data operation.

AFP Action is a 527 political action committee focused on electing candidates who will drive policy change and facilitate the building of broad policy coalitions that remove barriers to opportunity and help people improve their lives. The organization has a strong, permanent grassroots presence, including highly motivated activists who volunteer during the election season by making telephone calls and knocking on doors in support of policy champions.




Rep. Steve Chabot has been a champion of fiscal and anti-inflationary policies that promote growth and opportunity. He has consistently supported tax cuts for individuals, families, and businesses, including support for the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and death tax repeal, which would end the tax costs associated with passing businesses and farms to the next generation. Rep. Chabot has been a steady advocate for reducing unnecessary and wasteful government spending, including his 2021 vote against the budget-busting Build Back Better spending plan.


Rep. Chabot puts the taxpayers’ interest over the special interests. He has been an outspoke advocate for eliminating the Export-Import Bank, one of the nation’s largest corporate welfare programs and a source of corruption and cronyism. The Ex-Im Bank pits U.S. businesses against each other and doles out taxpayer dollars to some of the world’s largest companies.


Rep. Chabot supported criminal justice reforms that provide second chances for deserving individuals. In 2018, Rep. Chabot support the bipartisan First Step Act that reformed the federal criminal justice system by improving sentencing rules, addressing poor prison conditions, helping more people earn second chances, and enhancing transparency and accountability in the justice system. Rep. Chabot voted for the EQUAL Act that would end the sentencing disparity.