AFP Action Launches Million Dollar Ad Campaign Showing Why Eric Hovde is the Leader America Needs

Madison, WI – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) launched a new $1 million campaign across the Badger State showing why Eric Hovde is the candidate America needs to lead our country back in the right direction.

This campaign includes digital, online, and connected TV ads streaming statewide showing why Eric Hovde is the right candidate to solve the problems Washington’s career politicians have caused by lowering costs, growing jobs, and securing our borders to keep Americans safe. 

AFP Action announced its endorsement of Eric Hovde in February 2024. In early April, AFP Action launched its first ad campaign, a six-figure campaign supporting Hovde. In addition, our grassroots activists have been knocking doors since early April as part of AFP Action’s largest election engagement cycle to date.

Hovde June ads- positive Hovde.png

(15 second ad, 30 second ad)

AFP Action Senior Advisor Megan Novak released the following statement:

“Tammy Baldwin’s political record speaks for itself–nearly 40 years as a Washington insider who has voted in agreement with President Biden’s disastrous agenda 95% of the time. She’s nothing more than a rubber-stamp Democrat responsible for record high inflation, skyrocketing energy costs, and a crisis at our border. If she could have made a difference, she would have done it by now.  

“Eric Hovde is unquestionably the right choice this election, and the reasons are abundantly clear. With his background as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, he possesses the real-world experience and problem solving skills necessary to navigate our broken political system and fix what career politicians like Tammy Baldwin have broken. Hovde will fight for common sense solutions that lower costs, fight inflation, and drive down our national debt. He’ll work to get government out of the way and stand up for better policies that make life better for all Americans.”

Hovde June ads-Baldwin.png

(15 second ad, 30 second ad)