AFP Action-FL Denounces Rep. Crist’s Corporate Welfare Policies   

Tallahasse, FL—Americans for Prosperity Action-Florida released the followed statement in response to Rep. Charlie Crist’s recent announcement regarding incentives for the film and television industry.

“Rep. Charlie Crist just announced that he wants to provide incentives for the film and television industries, which is a clear bailout for his rich industry related donors. Charlie Crist wants to use Floridians hard earned taxpayer dollars to then hand it over to the rich film and television industry,” said Skylar Zander, Senior Advisor for Americans for Prosperity Action-Florida. “This is the very definition of wasteful government spending and he’s putting it on the backs of voting Floridians. He should be ashamed for pushing the voting public to support such an endeavor. Charlie says he’s for the middle class yet he’s willing to give our money away to billionaires – the same thing he did when he was Governor previously and it was a failed policy.”

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