Americans for Prosperity Action Announces South Dakota State Legislative Endorsements

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its support for four state legislative candidates running in November’s elections. These individuals earned the support of AFP Action for their dedication to tackling the greatest challenges South Dakotans face.

AFP Action South Dakota is supporting Jessica Castleberry (SD-35), Jon Hansen (HD-25), Chris Johnson (HD-32), and Bethany Soye (HD-09) through a variety of tactics, but most importantly, leaning on the strength of its grassroots activists in reaching voters.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Don Haggar issued the following statement:

“We are excited to throw our full support behind these exceptional candidates. Each of these individuals has demonstrated dedication to expanding opportunity across South Dakota by supporting greater access to quality, affordable health care, expanding educational opportunities for all students, and lowering the tax burden on hardworking families. Our activists look forward to hitting the ground running to elect these principled leaders.”

Senator Jessica Castleberry (SD-35): Sen. Jessica Castleberry has established herself as a principled leader by championing that increases access to quality, affordable health care and provides more educational opportunities for students. Sen. Castleberry also supports smart on crime, soft on taxpayer criminal justice reforms that make our communities safer and allow for more second chances.

Representative Jon Hansen (HD-25): As House Majority Whip, Rep. Jon Hansen has strongly advocated to increase economic opportunity so every South Dakotan has the chance to pursue their American dream. Rep. Hansen has supported tax reform that allows hardworking families keep more of what they earn and reduced red tape to make it easier for businesses to thrive and create jobs. If re-elected, Rep. Hansen will continue championing economic opportunity for all South Dakotans.

Representative Chris Johnson (HD-32): As a member of South Dakota’s House of Representatives, Chris Johnson consistently stands up for fiscal responsibility and champions policies to keep South Dakota’s economy on track. Rep. Johnson has fought to lower taxes and reduce red tape to make it easier for South Dakotans to earn a living. Rep. Johnson has also supported legislation that would increase access to quality, affordable health care and expand educational opportunities for all students.

Bethany Soye (HD-09): AFP Action looks forward to supporting candidate Bethany Soye as she seeks to represent the constituents of House District 9. If elected, Soye will support legislation to expand educational opportunities and increase access to quality health care at a price South Dakotans can afford. Soye will also support smart on crime, soft on taxpayer criminal justice reforms in South Dakota.

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Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Georgia State Legislative Champions

ATLANTA, GA—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its support for four state legislative candidates ahead of November’s general elections: Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick (SD-32), Rep. Houston Gaines (HD-117), Rep. Ed Setzler (HD-35), and Sen. John Albers (SD-56.) AFP Action sets a high bar for political endorsements, supporting candidates that have indicated leadership in tackling the greatest challenges Georgians face. Each of today’s endorsees exceeded that bar.  


The grassroots organization will support these candidates through a variety of tactics—including leveraging its signature grassroots, direct-mail, and digital advertisements.


AFP Action Senior Advisor Stephen Allison issued the following statement:


“Our activists are excited to throw their full support behind Kay Kirkpatrick, Houston Gaines, Ed Setzler, and John Albers this November. These individuals have shown their commitment to championing educational opportunity for Georgia’s students, greater access to better health care, and helping our economy recover stronger than before. We look forward to pounding the pavement in support of these principled lawmakers.”


Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick (SD-32): During her time in the legislature, Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick has leveraged her private sector medical experience to ensure more Georgians have access to quality, affordable health care. Leading the charge to remove red tape, Sen. Kirkpatrick fought for more options and more hospital beds to be available and made it easier for our economy to recover—stronger than before. Sen. Kirkpatrick has also supported efforts to allow hardworking families to keep more of what they earn by lowering the tax burden they face. It is clear that Sen. Kirkpatrick champions economic opportunity and improvements to health care for Georgia families.


Rep. Houston Gaines (HD-117) As a member of the state House, Rep. Houston Gaines has supported a number of legislative milestones that will improve the lives of all Georgians. Through his unwavering support for educational opportunity, more students can learn in an environment that works for their needs. Rep. Gaines also knows how important it is for Georgians to be able to provide for their loved ones. That motivated Rep. Gaines to support lower taxes and reduced red tape—to make it easier for our jobs, businesses, and economy to recover stronger than before. And, Rep. Gaines supported efforts to ensure greater access to quality, affordable health care for Georgians. Rep. Gaines has a proven track record of improving the lives of all Georgians.


Rep. Ed Setzler (HD-35): Representing his constituents in state House District 35, Rep. Ed. Setzler has consistently supported reforms to make Georgia the best place to live, work, and raise a family. Leading the way to ensure safer communities and more second chances, Rep. Setzler fought for a justice system that’s smarter on crime and softer on taxpayers. Rep. Setzler also supported removing red tape that stands in the way of accessible health care and Georgia’s economic recovery. He has also supported expanding educational opportunity for all Georgia students and lowered taxes on hardworking families. If re-elected, Rep. Ed Setzler will surely continue championing policy improvements that pave the way towards a bright future for Georgia.


Sen. John Albers (SD-56): In the State Senate, Sen. John Albers has focused his legislative energy towards improving health care, education, and the economy. Sen. Albers supported innovations in health care that make it easier for families to receive care when they need it most, at a price they can afford. He fought for greater access to educational opportunity, so all students have a chance at succeeding. Sen. Albers also fought to reduce red tape and lower taxes, allowing Georgia families, jobs, and businesses to build a stronger economy. Sen. Albers has proven to support principled policy solutions that allow for more opportunity across the great state of Georgia.




AFP Action supported Sen. Chuck Payne in his successful primary contest this June.


AFP Action is also supporting Sen. David Perdue in his re-election bid.