Senator David Perdue Social Toolkit

Social Toolkit

Americans for Prosperity Action is excited to support Sen. David Perdue because he well represents Georgians in Washington.

Here’s Our Why:

Sen. David Perdue is a CHAMPION for…

  • Criminal Justice Reform: Sen. David Perdue believes in a criminal justice system that is smart on crime and soft on taxpayers. Thanks, in part, to Sen. Perdue’s support for the bipartisan First Step Act that was signed into law in 2019, granting second chances to those who have paid their debts across the country.
  • Your Family’s Health Care: David Perdue knows how important access to quality, affordable health care is for you and your family. That’s why Sen. Perdue supported bringing health care into your home through expanding access to telemedicine, so when you’re sick, you can get the care you need no matter where you are.
  • Lower Taxes: Thanks to his support, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is making sure Georgians are taking home more of their hard-earned paychecks. And, Sen. Perdue is committed to fighting for Georgia’s families, businesses, and jobs.
  • Veterans’ Care: Sen. David Perdue supports improving the lives of those who have served our country. That’s why Sen. Perdue supported the VA MISSION Act, which ensured veterans and their families have better access to better quality health care and made the Veterans Affairs Department more accountable to veterans.

Sen. Perdue has had a productive first term in Washington and will continue his great work when re-elected in November.

Take Action:

  1. Tell your neighbors to lend a hand & jump into #ActionForPerdue by signing this letter today!
  2. Personally ask 10 of your friends to also sign this letter to support Sen. David Perdue this November.
  3. Share this letter to get your neighbors to support Sen. David Perdue today!

Spread the Word:

  1. Share these online resources on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram with #ActionForPerdue

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David Perdue: A Champion for Georgia Health Care

  1. Use the below sample copy to share on your social media channels!
  • Share with Your Neighbors! Jump into #ActionForPerdue to help support policy champion @Perduesenate’s re-election.
  • @Perduesenate: Fighting for Georgia Families, Businesses, & Jobs! #ActionForPerdue
  • @Perduesenate is Fighting for More Health Care Options at Lower Costs for Georgia Families #ActionForPerdue
  • When I’m sick, I know I can get the care I need thanks to @Perduesenate. That’s why I’m jumping into #ActionForPerdue before this November!
  • Thanks to @Perduesenate, I’m keeping more of what I earn #ActionForPerdue
  • Principled leadership and dedication to improving the lives of all Georgians. That’s why I support @Perduesenate #ActionForPerdue
  • Georgians keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, thanks to @Perduesenate. Join me in supporting his reelection. #ActionForPerdue
  • I’m supporting @Perduesenate because he fought for greater access to health care. Even bringing care into my home by expanding access to telemedicine #ActionForPerdue

Share Your Story:

Sen. David Perdue has had a productive first term in Washington and will continue his great work when re-elected in November. We need your help to spread the word by sharing your story on why you’re jumping into #ActionForPerdue ahead of November’s important elections.

  • Example instructions:
    • Grab your device that provides the best video/sound quality!
    • Center yourself in the frame & make sure the video is eye level!
    • Do a “soundcheck!” Record a quick video of yourself speaking and replay it back to ensure you’re heard loud and clear.
    • In approximately 30 seconds, share why you’re supporting Sen. David Perdue this November.
    • Share video via your online platforms with the hashtag #ActionForPerdue and tag @AFPAction and @Perduesenate.
    • Challenge your friends to jump into #ActionForPerdue and challenge them to share their stories!
    • Watch the message catch fire and influence your neighbors to jump into #ActionForPerdue!
    • Don’t forget to tag @AFPAction!