McCaskill’s Missteps—The Worst of the Worst

Sen. McCaskill has been in Washington for over a decade. While there, she has put partisan politics first, leaving the people of Missouri behind. She’s made a lot of missteps, but we’ve rounded up the worst of the worst. Check them out:

Misstep #1 – Claire McCaskill continually opposed qualified judges

We trusted Sen. McCaskill to support judges who are dedicated to upholding the Constitution and rule of law. So far, she’s betrayed that trust. For this reason, Sen. McCaskill doesn’t deserve another term.

Misstep #2 – McCaskill took money from the pharmaceutical companies AND voted for Obamacare, which has paved the way for record-setting pharmaceutical profits

Obamacare has been a disaster in Missouri. Individual market premiums increased 145 percent in just four years. Our prescription drug costs have followed suit. Sen. McCaskill has taken money from the pharmaceutical industry, backed a law filled with giveaways for that industry and stood by as you scrape to afford your prescriptions.

Misstep #3 – McCaskill opposed legislation eliminating the estate tax

Farmers are subject to crippling estate taxes that allow the government to take what they’ve built before it gets to their families. Sen. McCaskill hasn’t done enough to help them. She has opposed legislation that would eliminate the estate tax, sticking with her party over the farmers of Missouri.

Misstep #4 – McCaskill opposed new options for affordable health care

It’s true. Just a few weeks ago, Sen. McCaskill supported a bill that would have limited more affordable, flexible health plans. And when given a chance to provide residents of our state with health care options, Sen. McCaskill chose to cling to Obamacare and limit health care choices.

Misstep #5: Sen. McCaskill voted against lowering your taxes

Yes. Sen. McCaskill voted NO on a historic tax break for Missouri workers and families.

In the year since tax reform passed, thousands of Missourians have seen more money in their paychecks. Missouri companies have begun creating new jobs, giving bonuses to their current employees, increasing benefits and lowering costs for consumers.

Sen. McCaskill stood directly in the way of economic progress in Missouri, plain and simple.

This isn’t about politics, this is about policies. Sen. McCaskill has shown Missouri that she won’t support policies that are best for our state. Time and again, she chose her party and partisanship over pro-growth and pro-freedom policies.

It’s time for Sen. McCaskill to leave Washington. I hope that you’ll sign the pledge and vote against Sen. McCaskill on Tuesday, November 6th.