ICYMI: AFP Action Senior Advisor Urges Granite Staters to Back Haley

New Hampshire Advantage Depends on Turning the Page on Biden and Trump

Manchester, New Hampshire—On Sunday, Americans for Prosperity Action Senior Advisor Greg Moore penned an opinion piece in the New Hampshire Union Leader urging Granite Staters to back Nikki Haley in the much-anticipated New Hampshire Primary.

In the piece, Moore makes the case that Haley not only can beat President Joe Biden, but also will give down-ballot candidates the boost they need to preserve and expand a state policy majority in New Hampshire that prioritizes economic opportunity and expands personal freedom.

“In 2024, New Hampshire Republicans are again in a position to win big in November—provided they learn from 2022 (and 2020 and 2016). History shows that New Hampshire voters don’t like Donald Trump and they’ll punish the party that embraces him.

“Trump lost New Hampshire in the general election in both 2016 and 2020. Trump-aligned candidates lost in 2022. Another loss like that in 2024, and the tiny Republican majority in the N.H. House is in jeopardy. The Senate and the governor’s office are at risk too.

“New Hampshire Democrats would like nothing more than to see a 2024 election with Sununu off the ballot and Trump on it. Sununu has already said he’s not running for re-election. Democrats have half of their dream Republican ballot. Why give them the other half?

“In the presidential primary on January 23, Republican and independent voters could choose the candidate Democrats most want to see at the top of the GOP ticket. Or they could choose the one they most fear: Nikki Haley.”

Moore enumerates the list of top priorities that are within reach if Granite Staters write a new chapter by nominating Haley:

  • Ending runaway federal spending
  • Restoring order at the border
  • Controlling inflation
  • Reviving the American economy
  • Expanding school choice in New Hampshire
  • Keeping New Hampshire income-tax-free
  • Maintaining the state’s pro-growth tax cuts

“Granite Staters have a lot at stake in the next election. Nikki Haley gives Republicans and right-of-center independents the best odds of winning. Without her at the top of the ticket, Republicans’ most important priorities are at risk. Republicans have taken enough risky gambles lately. It’s time to back a winner. It’s time to back Nikki Haley.”


Read the full opinion piece here.