Chip Roy remains the right choice for Congress

Come November this year, Texans have an opportunity to re-elect a real leader to Congress with Congressman Chip Roy.  Since day 1 in office, Roy has been representing the 21st Congressional District by pushing D.C.  to act on a variety of critical issues facing our country.

First on that list, Roy understands that government spending and debt are out of control with the latter now exceeding $23 trillion. This trend does not appear to be slowing and in 2019, lawmakers approved a massive $1.3 trillion spending bill that passed with hardly any debate. Roy opposed the bill and has been leading the effort to defeat reckless spending by adhering to fiscal discipline and calling on Congress to get serious about its spending addiction and adopt a multiyear balanced-budget plan.

However, it is important to note, the recently passed CARES Act was an exception to this rule. Roy supported this much-needed legislation with the caveat that dollars should be timely, targeted, and temporary until Texans can get back to work, and should be focused toward Texas families and businesses hit the hardest from COVID-19.

Next on that list yet closely tied to the spending priority is America’s national security priorities, something that is especially important to CD-21 with so many active duty families calling it home. Roy knows it’s critical that our men and women in harm’s way are given well-defined missions and objectives with a clear path to achieve goals and return home safely. He’s advocated for policies that appropriately equip our Armed Forces and avoid missions not connected to America’s vital interests that undermine our chance of long-term prosperity (citation: vote to repeal the 2002 AUMF and call to repeal 2001 AUMF

And Roy knows that taking care of our nation’s heroes doesn’t end after the mission is complete. Our veterans have earned access to quality health care, which is why Roy is such a staunch supporter of the VA MISSION Act—a program that ensures those who like VA health care can continue to receive it, while allowing others to receive the care that best suits their needs from their community doctor. Acting as a pressure release valve for our VA hospitals, this program drastically improves care for our veterans, but is currently under fire at a time when we should be finding ways to expand care options.

As a leukemia survivor himself, Roy knows first-hand the importance of quality care, and of a system that encourages innovation as well as expanded access. Roy has introduced legislation that provides an innovative approach to health care, by creating “health freedom accounts,” allowing people to save for future care and spend care dollars as they see fit. This alternative would allow for the market to create new technology that will increase access to quality care and drive down ever-increasing health care costs.

At AFP Action, we believe in advancing policies that make American communities stronger. To do so, we support policymakers who try to advance bipartisan and nonpartisan solutions to our nation’s biggest problems. When we endorse a lawmaker, we do so because we believe he or she can help improve the lives of all Americans.

On the issues that Texas voters care about –spending, protecting veterans, health care, and national security – Chip Roy has shown that he listens, acts, and leads. He’s shown he’s willing to stick his neck out for what’s right – even when it means standing up to his own party’s leaders in Congress. He’s shown he will be part of the solution to the problems that need fixing in Washington. The voters of the 21st Congressional District – including my parents, and many family and friends I grew up with – should send him back to the House of Representatives come Election Day.

Jerome Greener is a Senior Advisor for Americans for Prosperity Action.